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 Crazy like a Fox -open-

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PostSubject: Crazy like a Fox -open-   Crazy like a Fox -open- EmptyFri Apr 22, 2011 11:47 pm

Taka perused the books in the shop searching for his next acquisition. He was always on the look out for new materials on mythology, alchemy, astronomy, history, and other fields involving the arcane. Such was the nature of his question to find the origin of the species and more importantly find out their purpose. Truthfully, the second part was what drove him on this mad quest. He had a burning desire to know what his purpose in life was. Why was he born of monsters, and why did monsters come to be in the first place. Big questions with answers that perhaps were not meant to be known.

Running his fingers over the aged leather spines, Taka sighed with happiness, pulling a tome from the shelf and opening it. What he found was a delightful volume of Eastern Mythology, beginning in Eastern Europe and working it's way over to the Far East. Flipping through the pages and smiling as he found stories from his childhood, Taka caressed a page showing a beautiful fox demon calling to a man.

Fox demons had that reputation didn't they? Luring beautiful men and women away, feeding on their lust and life force. In actuality, kitsune were generally peaceful in nature and were more concerned with trickery and a good time then anything. Once in his younger years, Taka had traveled to Europe and become acquainted with a satyr. Good times. The goat men were liberal with the drink and even more so with the ladies, and by the time he was on the camel home, Taka's head was spinning and he wasn't entirely sure anything actually happened. He really should go back some time to visit.

Snapping the book shut, Taka continued on his way, checking to see if there was anything else that could be of use to him today. Not that he really needed anymore books. He already had to magically store them to give himself a modicum of living space.
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Crazy like a Fox -open-
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