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 kai-butt app :)

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PostSubject: kai-butt app :)   Mon Apr 25, 2011 1:27 pm


Name: Kat


Instant Messanger(s):

Your muse

Name: Kai

Nickname(s): Kai-butt

Band: Gazette

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Sexuality: Bicurious

Sexual Position: unsure (virgin)

Race: Vampire

Character Abilities: He finds himself hit with the feelings of others, making it hard to do what he has to in order to survive. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when he finds himself getting close to someone their emotions often overpower Kai’s own thoughts and feelings.

Side: None

Appearance: Informal:
kai gazette Pictures, Images and Photos



kai gazette Pictures, Images and Photos

Personality: He is a shy, quiet little creature who had always had a great love for most things. He never had problems making or keeping friends. Cute girls and boys alike leave him stuttering and sweating with a loss for words. He’d never been good at talking to anyone. He keeps to himself and has his fair share of skeletons in his closet. He never shows his sadness. He covers everything with a smile or a laugh.

Likes: Being around people, cooking, baking

Dislikes: Dogs, drunks, flipflops

Strength: He can understand most things, no matter how badly they are explained.

Weakness: Speaking out, he’s far from outgoing and it shows.

Character history: Kai had had his life all figured out and was going down all the right roads to go where he wanted to until around his 19th birthday. He was attacked walking home one night from work. He had stopped on his way to get some food and coffee which left him walking in the dark. He survived the attack but when he found out what he had become he stopped talking to everyone. He stopped going to work and collage and stopped paying his bills. He was fired and evicted before too long and began roaming the streets for food, money and other things he needed. He would stay in a place for a few months at the most. Sometime finding a job but quickly losing it and moving on. He tried to avoid people not because he didn’t like them but because he was ashamed of himself. He was an insult to any proud vampire, and he knew it.

Role play Sample: Kai tried to walk confidently down the street, as if he knew exactly what he was doing, but that was completely false. He hadn't eaten in over two weeks after the last girl he had managed to take out of the bar shared her dying feelings with him. It had crushed his heart and made his head spin. He hated feeling his victims die. He shook the thoughts away and spotted a rather well dressed man walking down the road. Perhaps a man would feel anger rather than feel betrayal and all that pain. He slid up beside the man with a grin.
"Hello." He grinned, touching the man’s arm lightly. "How are you this fine evening?"

Rule check: They’re not up there yet, they sleepin.
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PostSubject: Re: kai-butt app :)   Mon Apr 25, 2011 1:39 pm


*cough* Approved~~
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kai-butt app :)
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