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PostSubject: Miyavi   Miyavi EmptyMon Apr 25, 2011 10:07 pm


Name: See Kai

Age: ^

Instant Messanger(s): ^

Your muse

Name: Miyavi

Nickname(s): Meevers, Meevs

Band: Soloist

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Sexuality: Bisexual

Sexual Position: Indifferent

Race: Human

Character Abilities: Nothing out of the ordinary.

Side: Neutral, but he likes to shake things up


Personality: He’s outgoing and opinionated. He loves people, he loves everything about clubs, drinking and partying (including sex). He’s wild and loud, but that’s what people claim to love about him. The only time he is ever quiet is when he’s sleeping. He is a loving person and very friendly, but that doesn’t mean he won’t bite. Even if he doesn’t know you he’s very playful around everyone. He’s crazy and proud of it.

Likes: Cats, Dogs, People, Bars, Sex

Dislikes: White chocolate, Cheap wine, Silence

Strength: He’s good at influencing people

Weakness: being quiet

Character history: He’d always grown up around the ‘wrong crowd’ but didn’t turn out too bad. His father died when he was young so when his mother died around his 22nd birthday he tipped of the deep end and went self searching, realizing that his life was going down a long road to a bad place. He’d never sold drugs or been in and drug rings, but drugs weren’t a new thing in his world. He had found himself drinking more often and getting wasted whenever he went out after his mother’s funeral, not that you could blame him for being devastated. He had deeply loved his mother as most children do. He found himself back in the same old city with new eyes and a plan to start a new life.

Role play Sample: It smelled of cologne, sweat and cheep bear in the club as girls in too little clothes with too much alcohol on their breath danced through the place, wobbling and laughing. Miyavi smiled because he knew the feeling. They were having the times of their lives, but tomorrow they would pay dearly for the fun of the night. He rocked with the music through the crowd, stopping to dance with the occasional half naked hot chick and chat with a recognized friend.

At the bar he ordered an orange soda and smiled at the woman waiting beside him for her friends Martinis’. He’d stood there long enough to listen to her order. She seemed sober enough. He slid down the bar next to her, sliding out his wallet to pay for her drinks.

“Hey.” He grinned seductively. “Care to dance?” He gestured towards the dance floor.

***They're not up there yet. They're sleeping ;)***
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PostSubject: Re: Miyavi   Miyavi EmptyMon Apr 25, 2011 11:32 pm

Approoooved~ Nice writing recently, btw
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