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 Creature Types

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PostSubject: Creature Types   Creature Types EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 1:23 am

Most races are Neutral so you are able to freely choose which side you fight on, or remain neutral. But if you are a race under either the Gods or the Monsters, you must be that. But keep in mind, just because you are with the Gods doesn't mean you are completely pure and good, and being a Monster doesn't mean you want absolute destruction of the world.

Also, when adding your characters abilities. NO 'GOD-MODING' Please keep this 'realistic' and have your muses abilities within reason of their race.

You are also able to switch sides. Both Gods and Monsters can become neutral. And those who are neutral can go to either the Gods or the Monsters. Gods can also sometimes join the Monsters, though don't always expect to be excepted by everyone on that side. Monsters can NOT go to the side of the Gods. The Gods are purists and would never except it. If you want to change what side you are on PM the Admin with the reason and we will get back to you.

Gods - Those who believe they are on the righteous path, protecting the world from evil and destruction in whatever way they see as necessary.

Angels - Servants of the Gods and the purest of beings. Appear human and can hide their wings in various ways (ex. tattoos, charms etc.)
Dragons - Warriors of the Gods. Have several races among them including Golden, Black, Fire, Water, etc. Each race has their own special ability.

Monsters -  Beings who oppose the binding ways of the Gods. They live freely, often creating chaos in the world.

Monsters - have a human appearance but can live fore centuries. Purebreds are extremely hard to kill and they are sometimes are immortal.
Demons - Don't always appear human, can sometimes shift between forms depending on if it is an ability.

Team Switzerland (Neutral) - Any race that is not naturally on a side.

Examples would be Humans, Sorcerers, Vampires, Shinigami, Mermaid, Weres (not just werewolves: were-tiger, were-bear, etc.), Kitsune, fallen angels, rogue dragons etc.

Arch Angels - Those who are in complete favor of God and are the servants of God. They are the ones in which Heaven specifically calls down for a purpose. When there is something major happening, the Arch Angels come into play. They are kind, considerate and forgiving in nature, not a negative bone in their bodies and will do anything it takes to protect humans and other angels as well as defending God and his children.

(Most actions that deal with the plot of the board and call for an Arch Angel is needed to brought to an admin's attention, as these are the most powerful besides God himself. Please choose wisely, this race is limited to twelve only. The reason there is a mark of __/15 <-- is because there are a couple of other types of archangels in the group that are not a part of the well-known names. Thought I would clarify that.)

4/15 in play

For the Arch Angel references: Names of the Arch Angels and their position in Heaven.

Princes of Hell - Those that are completely in favor of Lucifer the Fallen. They are the ones which are called upon to gather the Legions of Hell and wage war against Heaven and the Angels. These are the demons that do not have a lick of kindness in their bodies, have no mercy, and will kill or maim without a reason. (Of course when a death or killing or major damage is to come upon a character, the players must BOTH be in agreement and must notify the admins of this action before it is done. To not do so will cause an immediate ban of the forum.) These creatures are twisted, demented, sick and possibly gory in their dealings. These creatures are taken into play with heavy consideration and full knowledge of their character.

3/7 in play

NOTE: The Princes of Hell are also known as the Seven Deadly Sins:
*Beelzebub (Also called Ba'al)-Gluttony
Mammon- Greed (On hold)
Leviathan- Envy
*Lucifer-Pride (MUST be approved by ALL admins)

* = denotes a taken Prince.

Mixing races is also an option, just don't go overboard.

As noted in the rules section:

EDIT 4-13-14
-Dis-allowment of true gods/goddesses is now instated. Please note that this was taken into consideration earlier this week, and will affect any unaccepted applications.
Reasoning: True Gods/Goddesses cannot be killed. While we do love the idea of necromancy, it is unfair for the possibility of a character dying time and again and coming back every time. This allows for god-modding, which is forbidden in the forum.
-Allowment of only Pagan Gods/Goddesses.
Reasoning: Pagan and Lesser Gods/Goddesses are possible to be killed. This is to make things fair between all users, in the event that someone wishes to kill off their character permanently in some way.
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Creature Types
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