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 Commonly used Korean/Hangul words/phrases

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PostSubject: Commonly used Korean/Hangul words/phrases   Fri Mar 25, 2011 3:57 pm

Wae = why

Mwo = what

Omona = a somewhat meaningless word that serves as an exclamation and/or the question of 'really?'

Omo = equivalent of 'omg' or 'oh'

Ne = yes

Aniyo = no

Saranghae = I love you

Saranghamnida = formal version of saranghae

Yeobo = pet name for significant other that means 'honey'

Mianhe = I'm sorry

Kamsamnida = Thank you

Kamsamhamnida = Thank you very much

Cheonmaneyo = You're welcome

Annyeong = Hello/Goodbye

(I will add to this when I learn more or use something new~)
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Commonly used Korean/Hangul words/phrases

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