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they're not up there yet, they sleepin


Name: Rei

Age: 23

Instant Messanger(s): digitalxri0t @ everything

Your muse

Name: Mako

Nickname(s): Makkun

Band: V-Last

Gender: Male

Age: 300

Sexuality: Bi

Sexual Position: Seme

Race: Air dragon

Character Abilities: Control of air, able to make wind tunnels and whirlwinds.

Rank/Position/Side: Gods

Appearance: 176cm, rather thin but well built.
Mako Xooz9tMako Xqi0sj

Personality: Calm and quiet, usually a peace maker but never one to stand down from a fight should it present itself to him. Usually Mako has a calm temper, doing little things to get even rather then striking out, but when someone pushes him too far, he snaps and becomes very aggressive. This however is short lived and he goes back to being a calm and easy going person. He likes to mess around and play with people, especially those who he is close with. To those from the ouside he seems distant and maybe even mean/rude.

Likes: Spring weather, storms, summer, summer rains

Dislikes: Pretty much nothing.

Strength: Control over the wind and air around him.

Weakness: Earth elements.

Character history: Born as a purebred air dragon, raised to be a dedicated warrior of the gods from the very start. Mako grew up in a strict home, everyday he went through training until he graduated from that when able to beat his father in a fight. Though he is an excellent fighter, Mako prefers to just, to his element, go with the wind and see how things go before putting in any reaction (In other words, a lazy warrior).  As he got older he went out more, getting more and more independent. This was a problem for his parents however, since they wanted to keep him under a tight reign. In order to help keep things organized and smooth in their world, they arranged a pairing between him and Yuuki. Though this wasn't something easily agreed upon between the younger dragons, it went into play anyway. After things were smoothed out and the two accepted each other for what this was, they were sent to the Earth to keep an eye out for the said upcoming war, constantly reporting back to the heavens.

Role play Sample: Patting down the clothes he wore, finding the fabric restricting and uncomfortable compared to his natural form, Mako scowled in the mirror. Strange and foreign eyes gazed back at him, causing him some unease. Bringing up a hand, he brushed back his hair from his face with a noisy sigh, not exactly sure he liked this feature very much either. With some disdain he curled his lips back, looking at his practically diminished fangs, letting his lips resume covering them again as he searched over his body for any trace of dragon left on him, not taking long to give up this search and squirming again in the clothes, ripping the sleeves right off the shirt and tossing them onto the floor before walking out of the bedroom.
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PostSubject: Re: Mako   Mako EmptyWed Apr 02, 2014 4:43 pm

Approved, as a repost.
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