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Name: Hikaru

Age: Old enough

Instant Messanger(s): Message or PM for them please.

Your muse

Name: Meto

Nickname(s): Belial, Capitan of the Sons of Darkness, Angel of Lawlessness, God's Opponent, Matanbuchus. He has many names.


Gender: Male (At some times can appear to another as like a female with his own features.)

Age: Ageless

Sexuality: Pansexual

Sexual Position: Any. (He switches back and forth constantly)

Race: Demon (Monsters)

Character Abilities: Invokes extreme emotions in living beings, known as the Angel of Lawlessness, Belial has the ability to make a mortal or even an angel feel as if they have no worth in themselves or anyone else. He works by causing suicide and need for death of themselves due to this loss of hope. Belial is also an Angel of Hostility, provoking anger, rage and hatred in one another, to fight against one another, wage war against one another. This was a part of his tricks within so much of history.

Side: Princes of Hell

Belial (METO) Tumblr_inline_mi2182KsUP1qz4rgp
Belial (METO) Mia-mejibray-29658959-250-375

Belial and his brother Baal
Belial (METO) Befe9ebaa96411e3a7d40a4cce3aa0e4_6

Belial has been known to sprout spider legs just as like his brother Baal, and sports very sharp shark-like teeth, scales that slip down his back and on occasion, a serpent. Not your usual serpent but something out of nightmares. His eyes are almost always filled with nothing but black and on occasion, all blue without irises.

Personality: Belial is not someone that one would think or consider to be a 'good friend'. He would be more than happy to push you to the lions before being 'kind'. However, if he IS careful. He has something in mind. The only ones he truly shows respect to are his six brothers and his Father Lucifer. His enjoyments are others' nightmares and vomit worth. His idea of love is giving over a freshly plucked spine with the nerves attached and ripping apart his lover while in mid-coitus. Each bit of flesh is precious to him - to devour. Or maim. It depends on his moods. Belial is quite gory when it comes to enjoyment, though he knows he can not simply walk out into the mortal streets and begin ripping apart humans. There is a method to his madness that only his bretheren completely understand.

The tiny little voracious ankle biter will be your last misconception of 'tiny individuals'. He's not one to be messed with, and by your worst luck that you do mess with this little would be very lucky that you walk away unscathed. He does not like being clean nor does he like clean places or areas. His bretheren used to call him 'little pest' and it made plenty of sense. Whereas his closest brother Baal was one who could bring upon the plague, Belial was the one to make it so, dancing in the midst of cold dead bodies and flying locusts with a grin on those full lips and shark-like teeth bared, and cause anger, frustration, fear and terror within the minds and hearts of mortals. He will, however, show Belial consideration, kindness in his own way, and adoration, but this is because he is his brother. Anyone else could fuck off...well other than Asfoeti, but he hates that pathetic excuse for a demon...even if he WAS sent with his brother to aid the lesser demon to taint the angels and rip apart their wings.

Likes: Human skin, bones breaking, the eyes of a mortal, the heart of a mortal, the sound of melancholy and disappointment, anger and fear, lolita dresses and odd clothing, bloodshed and screaming...and oddly enough...chocolate.

Dislikes: Sweet and kind dispositions, consideration (from other than his bretheren and father), glitter, angels, God or anything that has something to do with God or the divine.

Strength: His ability to use emotions against them and his bretheren as well as his father Lucifer. His teeth are also one of his strengths when he has nothing left.

Weakness: His bretheren is also his weakness as well as his strength. If one is harmed, he could become enraged and disable ANYTHING in his path...even another bretheren. Light. He LOATHES light and would flee quickly from it.

Character history: (Given permission by mods to use the link to wikipedia)

About the Demon Belial
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PostSubject: Re: Belial (METO)   Belial (METO) EmptyThu Apr 03, 2014 7:00 pm

Accepted! Thank you for your application. The C-Box and Members-Only portion of the forum are now open to you. Please enjoy your stay with us, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask an admin.
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Belial (METO)
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