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 Snow's application

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Snow's application Empty
PostSubject: Snow's application   Snow's application EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 6:55 pm

Application updated: 2014/04/04

Name: Anna
Age: 28
Instant Messanger(s): tributetodumbo AIM


Name: Snow

Nickname(s): -

Band: Matenrou Opera/Anomie

Gender: Male

: Around 600 years

Sexuality: Bi

Sexual Position: Semuke

Race: Demon

Character Abilities: Shapeshifting (most often taking a form of a white cat when not in human or demon form), seduction, poisoning through nails and teeth,

Side: Demons

Snow's almost always dressed in white clothes and a top hat, his most distinctive features being his white eyes, silver coloured hair and rather large nose.

After various events it seemed better for Snow to try to keep a low profile and that required atleast slightly less striking looks. He chose to have his hair black and shorter and his favourite outfit, while still a bit extravagant, atleast less striking than dressing all in white and wearing a top-hat.

Snow's application 5lxyso
Snow's application Jzjfde

Snow is quite vain and narcissistic, admiring himself over everyone else. He shows no kindness or mercy unless it's for his own benefit. To get what he wants, he most often relies on seduction over poisoning, sometimes combining the two abilities. Due to his demonic background, his alluring voice is  hard to resist and most often he manages to bend others under his will with just a few words and touches. Snow's quite arrogant and self-centered yet he can act like the complete opposite when needed. His real personality is well shrouded and very few creatures have ever been allowed to see his true self.

Mirrors, other reflective surfaces, cigarettes, souls, pretty things, tea, cats

Heat, Bright lights, dogs,

Patience, doesn't lose his temper, doesn't really have feelings

Vanity, gets distracted by mirrors, blood-link with Sono

Character history:
As most creatures, Snow doesn't remember being born. Still young in demon-years, Snow is in no special position. Living centuries as a lowly demon, a child, he caused some minor disturbance in the human world. Human souls is where he gets his life-force from and to get those, he has to make different contracts with people. He's picky though and once he spots something he really likes, he's willing to wait for one human life-time if that's what it takes. In his short-ish life he's only got a few of these longer contracts and on those he's had time to get quite attached to these souls, giving him all that much more satisfaction on when he has finally gotten his prize.

Update: After forging a contract for the half-breed human-fallen angel Sono's soul, things got more dangerous. The two had to go through a ritual in which Snow's demonic essence got bound into Sono and then giving him demon wings. The ritual bound the two together more profoundly, having both it's good sides and bad. Eventually things got too dangerous and they needed to lay low for a bit unless they wanted to get rid of their lives. For nearly three years the two hid in the mountains, warded by old symbols drawn on the mountainside from demons, angels, gods and monsters alike. Once they re-emerged, Snow had a different appearance to keep up the low profile but his personality had hardly changed.

Role play Sample:
White eyes, shadowed by the white hat, kept keenly observing the surrounding crowd as Snow made his way down the street, searching for some amusement. He had spent some time in his mansion like house and eventually gotten bored. Days, weeks or months. He didn't count. The demon's last contract over a soul had been with a wealthy older gentleman and as the contract came to an end, the man died and Snow got his soul, he decided to stay in the dwellings where the man had lived. There was no one to claim it as theirs and it would've been a pity to abandon such a place. Now, however, the demon was in need of entertainment of some sort and as his gaze focused on the door of a pub, he shrugged and headed into the building. Even a demon could occasionally use a drink. After briefly looking over the half empty tables, Snow headed to the bar, leaning against the counter and focusing his stare onto the barman's eyes, a cold smile decorating his sharp features as he spoke with a low voice. "Pour me some whiskey, honey."

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PostSubject: Re: Snow's application   Snow's application EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 7:12 pm


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Snow's application
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