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Name: Rei

Age: 23

Instant Messenger(s): digitalxri0t

Your muse

Name: Rem

Nickname(s): --

Band: Ex. Diement, Vanish

Gender: Male

Age: 347

Sexuality: Gay

Sexual Position: Switch

Race: Demon

Character Abilities: Minor shape shifting, sped up healing

Side: Monsters

Rem Tumblr_mhtazannvT1r0w9ydo1_500
Rem Tumblr_lqwztaKwCH1r1b7uko1_500
Rem Be87ba11-4ef0-4cac-b933-8a7c36ce5ea6_preview_on_blog

Personality: Rem is an addict to the core, whether for pain or pleasure, he'll do anything to get it. He enjoys picking fights just to have the crap beaten out of him. He is however extremely loyal if he ends up bonding with someone and would die for that person.

Likes: Drugs, blood, sex, violence, creating chaos.

Dislikes: Being bored, stuck in one place for too long, being alone

Strength: He can have unending patience with someone he loves, but will smack them around if they are in need of it. He grounded and very good at taking care of others around him.

Weakness: When he's in love he gets stupid, being alone for too long sends him into frenzies. If he has to behave for too long he also starts to shut down. He likes kids and animals.

Character history: Rem originated as a human addict who was always on an mixture of drugs that would eventually lead to his overdose and death. As a child he was abused and neglected by his parents, eventually leading him to run away and live in the woods for several years until he decided to attempt leading a normal life in the city. It went horribly from the start, immediately getting mixed in with the wrong types of people who got him hooked on drugs to help him ignore the pain of his childhood. In between that he wore out his body by dropping all the drugs and going through withdrawals back and forth from his teenage years to adulthood. He fought with everyone, never letting someone tie him down or get too close to him for long. Eventually he fell in love with one person, but it wasn't long before their death with caused Rem to binge. It took him time but as a demon he began to remember everything from his human life. Of course no longer being human caused him a great deal of distress but he adapted quickly to his demon life, causing mischief wherever possible.

Role play Sample: Several days went by while -blank- was recovering, Rem spending most of it hitting the morphine button to keep the other from arguing or getting too stubborn, going home often to check on his friends dog, making sure she had water and food and plenty of bathroom breaks in between, often times just spending time with her because he knew that she probably felt neglected. He returned after awhile to the hospital, only to find out that the other had left during his absence, rather pissed as he settled down in his chair, waiting for the other to return since he knew -blank- would come back for Spud.

"They're not up there yet, they sleepin"
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PostSubject: Re: Rem   Rem EmptyThu Apr 03, 2014 9:14 pm

Approved! Thank you for your application, and welcome to the forum. I shall get you put into the proper group. The Members-Only and C-Box portions of the forum are yours to use, dear.
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