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 Escape and Rescue [Taemin]

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PostSubject: Escape and Rescue [Taemin]   Escape and Rescue [Taemin] EmptyFri Apr 04, 2014 5:28 pm

Taking certain steps and making certain that St. Peter had the proper authorities and rights to the gates, Michael also took the proper measures to have those whom have passed taken care of in his absence. The word has spread as Gabriel left to light the Earth's surface, meeting the young Seraphim, those marks in humanity had been reported, and the report of Taemin's plight had reached Michael's ears and heart. It was not right that an angel, a seraphim such as Taemin, to become tainted by that demon. He had already gone through so much before while on the surface, losing the young seraphim Takeru and not just that, but losing an angel child to death. One that Michael himself had to gather and carry home. It was a sad moment, to all angels, not just the pair who had lost their first and only child. Michael himself was the one who had to bestow that kiss to Takeru's forehead, to replace the memories with something else to keep the young angel from such a painful past. Taemin seemed more together about it and it affected him as well, but not as horribly as Takeru.

He had felt that there was an abomination growing, a child mixed of angel and demon, growing inside of Taemin, and that frightened Michael almost. The child would grow to be terrifying and yet unsurmountable in power. Michael had to release and rescue his brother, and weigh the circumstances surrounding the child created and soon to be born. It only took an angel child a matter of literally five days to develop inside its mother before it is born, and grows quickly into an adult, so timing was of the essence now.

He wanted to not begin bloodshed, the War was not to be waged just yet, so coming onto demon territory quietly was the only way he could manage this. There was an aura of two heavenly beings in demon territory, one stronger than the other whom he could only imagine was Taemin. Following the energies, his brows furrowed together in concern that they were both in the same area, both heavenly beings were captured and held in a demon's home...this wasn't good at all. So, it had already begun. The demons had begun to gather and taint the angels and heavenly bretheren, thinking that they could not be without consequence. At some point, they will end up meeting Michael's sword and his vengeance. That time would come.

Just...not now. He had to get Taemin out. His hands sliding along the walls of this mausoleum, moss and lichen growing along the brick and concrete where Michael's touch bared his mark, life growing where death rested, a light against the dark. The warmth exuding from a part of the wall that was the mark of that particular angel. A strong scent followed that warmth...bananas? He blinked a bit and tilted his head, taking in the scent again with a series of more blinks, stepping back and placing his hands together, pressing against the wall as his fingertips dug into the brick, each one peeling away from the other, dropping to the ground soundlessly to keep silent.

Once he was able to look inside...there was a very melancholy sight. The angel Taemin laying on a bed, chained again, his wings splotched black, grey and tiny spots of white to which those wings used to be a brilliant white, he remembered as such. His brows raised in sadness and concern, stepping inside the room as he leaned over, pushing some of the hair from Taemin's face as he gazed upon him, that scent stronger as he inhaled, shuddering slightly as he whispered to the other angel. "Taemin...Taemin my dear...I'm here. I am getting you out of here...where you do not belong."
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PostSubject: Re: Escape and Rescue [Taemin]   Escape and Rescue [Taemin] EmptyWed Apr 09, 2014 12:07 am

It was not too long after the younger demon had visited him that Asfoeti had returned, replacing the chains that bound him. Around his ankles, and once again around his wrists. The metal chafed at his skin, leaving blood to trail down his hands and blisters to form where there weren't scabs or open wounds. He had no clothing yet, and at this point, he did not expect it. Nor did he expect more food. He and the child within him would starve, it seemed, and Taemin did not have the strength left within him to try and call for help. It wasn't hard to miss the emptiness in himself, left by his Fall. The Grace given to him by the Heavenly Father was leaving his body, leaving him too cold, too frail.

Even so soon, black was staining his wings. Taemin hadn't expected it to happen so quickly. He'd managed only once to inspect the feathers, finding only specs of white remaining. Perhaps it would have been slower if he had not ended up with child? The answer to such a question was uncertain to say the least. As such, the child had grown quite a bit since it had been conceived. How long had it been…? A day and a half, perhaps two? Taemin didn't remember. All he remembered was the pain of everything. He no longer had his Grace to protect him, to cushion the pain of the pregnancy.

Honestly, he expected to remain here until he died. Without his Grace, he was practically human - that immortality provided by Heaven's Blessings gone with the Light he had once possessed. What the young Fallen Angel did not expect was a sudden excess of light in the room, nor did he expect the warmth and touch of another. But it felt as if sunlight touched his skin, not the hand of another. His eyes tell him differently. Taemin shies away from the Archangel, pulling the chains around his ankles and wrists taunt in an effort to hide himself in the spot where the bed and wall met.

Unable to keep from being afraid of Michael, he puts every effort into disappearing into that tiny nook of space, though he doesn't succeed. Curling his wings close to himself, he takes to hiding beneath them instead. It would not do for one of God's most beloved to look at him, let alone speak to him. It would only do the Archangel harm in Taemin's eyes.
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Escape and Rescue [Taemin]
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