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 Yoshiki Application

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PostSubject: Yoshiki Application   Yoshiki Application EmptySat Apr 05, 2014 1:39 am


Name: Kaoru

Age: 30

Instant Messanger(s): Hangouts, Skype. Ask.

That ain't up there yet, they sleepin'.

Your Child

Name: Kaneda

Nickname(s): Yoshiki

Band: X Japan, solo career.

Gender: Male

Age: Twenty

Sexuality: Asexual, but with time Bisexual. Prefers Women.

Sexual Position: Ridiculous question. Dominate. (Some)

Race: Arch Angel - Seraphim Hybrid

Character Abilities:
* - Sixth Sense: The ability to read and see auras of others. This ability was gifted as a Blessing from the Holy Father. This ability allows Kaneda to see Auras and in formations of it in warm colors. This by no means is harmful to Kaneda or others in anyway. However over time shades must be worn to protect his eyes.

Side:  God's Children
Saint Recorder:
A being that records but does not inter fear with the works of mankind. This is hard because a recorder must watch anything from famine to natural disasters, but never interfere. The records are then screened and processed to be given to the Holy Council. From there they are used to teach and train other lower Angels about the Human world.



Skin that is semi translucent. The contrasting yet faint hues of milky cream and honey cascaded with blots of alabaster. His hair is currently long and flows in what appears to be waves of coarse spun velvet. The color is that of dying tree bark that holds off black strands. Although his eyes are a cocktail blend of dark moss green and rich chocolate, his vision is not perfect. Yoshiki left eye is however lazy. While the right is weak. His build is fit and athletic. He stands at a tall five foot seven inches and weighs around one hundred and forty pounds.  He enjoys wearing mainly lighter colors as well as warm. His fashion sense is not that great at the moment.

Parents: Takeru & Minho

A gentle, soft spoken man with bright dashing smile. Yoshi is a very calm person. Yet at the same time he can have a bit of a temper. This is just the harden exterior. Inside he adores animals and books. He enjoys reading and writing as these are past tikes as well as composing music. He is well versed in ways of the world and as such he uses the strict teachings to guide him. Yoshiki can be a very non caring person. But in truth he does indeed care of a situation. It is he typically just says he doesn't care or it doesn't matter. He cannot be pleased with simple things. One of many things he enjoys is sweets. Cakes, puddings, pies and candies are his favorite. But it is the joy of chocolate that makes this man a sweet fanatic.

Writing books
Composing music
Warm colors
Autumn Season

Neon colors
Summer Season
Spring Season
The smell of Roses
Pollen - Allergic
Bees - Allergic
Honey - Allergic

* Is a wonderful listener. - No matter how much you annoy him he tends to always lend a helping ear to his peers.
* Gives good advice. - He will always give you good advice. Sometimes he can be a tad too honest or blatantly blunt.
* Melee combat. - In a fight he is very much skilled with a sword or hand to hand combat. He takes a bit of pride inn his hard work and training.

*  Sweets. - A mans heart is in his stomach! Or at least for this man it is. Yoshiki can not resist certain sugar filled delights.
* Too honest. - This can be seen as a very bad thing. At times Yoshiki can be too honest and he lacks the sense to know when to not open his mouth. Yet in still he holds his tongue for no man.
* Compassion for others. - Yoshi cares for Humans as well as other creatures. But a bit too much. He can be manipulated for he surely is not perfect.
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PostSubject: Re: Yoshiki Application   Yoshiki Application EmptySat Apr 05, 2014 1:48 am

I definitely approve of him~
Please allow for Minho to also see him? I'm going ahead and applying his status as Gods' Children, and when he is born, I'll tell ya~ Welcome to the forum!!! <3
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Yoshiki Application
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