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 Heaven's gift to you [Open]

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PostSubject: Heaven's gift to you [Open]   Sat Apr 05, 2014 7:27 pm

After seeing his funds were a little on the low side a needing a large cash injection to keep him going, the fox had spent a good few days sorting through his many belongings. Spending hours upon hours, many things he'd kept being useless trash to others but wonderful treasures to the man. However these would not pay his bills. He needed to play dirty again, and by that it would be a case of helping the demons to destroy the heavens he came from.

He'd already sold many artifacts to demons in exchange for the money to sustain his life. Helping the humans who gave him a home had become much more important than the victory of heaven he'd rather the whole war was over and done with. Not to mention hell paid much more handsomely than the heavens. Today Ruiza had found the most valuable of all his possessions. He'd found his single wishing jewel. It was useless to the fox, unable to use it's magic for himself, given to him to give to someone of a pure heart to use it wisely. An alternative situation was required and the fox had auctioned it off anonymously to the highest bidder.

The jewel had fetched a high price and he carried it close to his persons as he waited for the buyer to come and collect in person. Probably a risky move as they could just take it and kill him and then they'd have the stone and the money, but the fox was trusting and hoped that he'd not be disappointed, despite being petrified of the shady alley he was waiting in to exchange.
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Heaven's gift to you [Open]
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