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 Kazuma's Application (Sugizo)

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PostSubject: Kazuma's Application (Sugizo)   Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:18 pm

"They ain't up there yet, they sleepin"


Name: Kami

Age: 27

Instant Messanger(s):
Aim: Deityoftime9
Skype: Hide.Hayashi10312012

Your muse

Name: Kazuma (aka Sugizo)

Nickname(s): Kaza

Band: Luna Sea

Gender: Male

Age: 300

Sexuality: Bisexual

Sexual Position: Uke

Race: Manticore

Character Abilities: Kazuma takes on the physiology of a Lion with the enhanced senses and agility. He has the ability to camouflage himself with his surroundings. Along with night vision he has the ability to inject his prey with poison toxins. He has the special ability to master and control fire.

Side: Team Switzerland


Kaza is a very slender framed man even though he does have a toned chest. He enjoys wearing the clothes that show off his slender toned frame. His hair usually stays very long and straight. It is a beautiful deep chestnut color. His beautiful eyes are a mixture of two different color greens. The inside towards his iris is a beautiful lime green color that fades into an emerald green on the outside. Kaza's skin is very smooth and almost inviting to touch.

Personality: Kazuma has a very laid back personality. He could almost be called an introvert. Kaza enjoys just watching and observing people. Often times he is mistaken as a shy person but that is truly not the case. When he first meets someone he is reserved because he is trying to get a good grip on the person. Once Kaza gets to know someone and is relaxed with them then he can be a jokester. He likes to talk and get to know the people that he does trust. Once someone has earned his trust he is a very loyal friend. He has issues communicating his thoughts and feelings to others. Though he is often time misunderstood when he does try to communicate. Kaza will try his hardest for friendship and family. Even if all the important people in his life misunderstand his sincerity as uncaring. Being an introvert often worked against him in many instances.

  • Reading,
    Enjoying Music,
    Playing Violin,
    Enjoying Sitting at a cafe and drinking coffee,

  • Brats aka drama starters
    High pitch noises,
    Being woken up out of a nice nap,
    Messy places
    Spicy foods
    Dull color
    Being ignored

*Persistent or Stubborn

*Red Velvet Cake
*Tail Pulling

Character history: When Kaza was a baby he was kept as a cute pet. As he grew up he was forced to learn how to kill and be a monster but deep inside he knew that it wasn't what he wanted to do with his life. He had to find a way to break free. It was not until his master had his back turned to him one day that he took the opportunity. He impaled the master with his sharp barbed tail. It was the first but unfortunately not the last time he would have to take a life. Once he was free he would jump from spot to spot through out the land. It was clear that he had no true place that he could call home. And it stayed that way for years.

Role play Sample: The cool quite night was one that would drive anyone insane. The manticore hated the silence to say the least. His mind was a very annoying to say the least. If there was no noise to distract him then his memories come back to haunt him. The man let out a sweet hum as he slid his hands into his nice black blazer as he walked into the cafe. The smell and noise made him feel alive. It was the only way to keep his mind in check sometimes. Once he ordered his nice smelling hot chai tea latte he took a seat near the front window. His beautiful green eyes watched as the customers came and went. He did not say a word as he just watched the people. He was a observer. Kaza watched every aspect of the people from speech to body language. It told him everything he needed and wanted to know about the person. He brought the nice hot drink to his lips as he just tried to relax. He looked so happy as he relaxed in the seat.
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuma's Application (Sugizo)   Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:20 pm

Read thoroughly and approved. Welcome to the forum~
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Kazuma's Application (Sugizo)
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