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Inaba Koshi
Inaba Koshi

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PostSubject: Inaba   Inaba EmptyWed Apr 09, 2014 1:16 pm

Name: K.
Instant Messanger: neenjarr

Name: Inaba Koshi
Nickname(s): Inabaka, Inabum
Band: B'z
Gender: Male
Age: Beyond ascension, but looks to be in the early 40s
Sexuality: Pansexual [Who knows, you might jolly well fall in love with a tree]
Sexual Position: seme

Race: Archangel

Character history:
Inaba is the personification of every mortal's conscience. He is the shoulder angel and the guardian of lost souls. Born from the collective kindness of people, he remains as strong as the will that persists over evil and self gain.

Character Abilities:
Aside from flight and astral travelling, he is also capable of being in multiple places at the same time. That diminishes his size and form thus the shoulder angel is born. He possesses the Look of Consciousness, a stare that piles guilt and responsibility onto his mortal charges (More commonly known as the Puppy Eyes). In the Old Ages he used to descend from the clouds bathed in holy light, cherubs and trumpet fare but Heaven's been cutting costs lately...

Side: Gods

Masculine, well-built and handsome with a rich tan due to his fondness for lounging in hammock clouds. Heaven has way too much sun. Sports a pair of powdery white wings and a solar-powered halo (Comes with free Wi-fi). Never combs his hair. Looks good in white.

(Presenting The Squint, a low-level version of The Puppy Eyes. Occasionally used with Pout.)
Inaba 128334892753316326912_P1010213

(Messenger doves are more reliable than email. No junk!)
Inaba 66f1f4391ace3b47e5dc0b7a247681a7_zpscb0b7ed8

Inaba is mild-mannered and gentle with a penchant for singing rock music in the shower. He's excruciatingly hard-working but due to all the stress and tension built up through the millennia, he prefers to do absolutely nothing on his off-days, and those come by so very rarely. Is pretty much everything an archetype archangel should be, minus all the scary apocalyptic stuff. He's domesticated and civilised, goddamnit! (bad pun)

Likes: Basking, reading, tea, birds, fruit and honey
Dislikes: Smoke, pollution and poor manners
Strength: Blind faith and goodwill, or more commonly known as Hope. Probably also a form of weakness as Hope dies so easily.
Weakness: Vengeful ghosts. And pudding.

Role play Sample:
Make sure Jamie didn't steal that pencil. Check. Have Firdaus return that wallet. Check. Gotten Hamada to take in the abandoned kittens. Check. Convinced Pat and Eric to kiss and make up. Check.

"All in a day's work."

Inaba sighed happily as he gathered all of his miniature selves back into one big personage. As often as he did this, it still resulted in a bit of a dizzy spell before he settled proper. Sitting on a cloud overlooking the North Pac Ocean, the angel made a face when his elbow started sinking through the fluff. They really don't make clouds like they did back in the day.

"Soon there'll be holes in the sky! Holes! And who's going to have to patch it up? ME!"

...Even though it really wasn't part of his job scope. Well if he didn't do it, then no one would. They're painfully understaffed already as it was. If only they could put up some recruitment notices someplace, extra help would have been nice. Inaba's daydreams drifted along with the cloud he was perched on. The sun was up, the weather was gorgeous and the skies so very peaceful. Can't blame the guy for dozing off and not noticing the incoming cloud.


Lightning bolt.



Inaba pursed his lips as he stood up and began to wring the wet out of his half-burnt feathers. He should REALLY submit that auto-brake proposal to the Big Boss.


They're not up there yet, they sleeping

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PostSubject: Re: Inaba   Inaba EmptyWed Apr 09, 2014 1:21 pm

You may now use the forum and chatbox at will.
Welcome to the forum~
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