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PostSubject: Kiyoharu   Kiyoharu EmptyWed Apr 09, 2014 10:46 pm

Name: E
Instant Messanger: opheliasorrow

Name: Kiyoharu
Nickname: Kiyo, KiyoKiyo
Band: solo, Kuroyume, SADS
Gender: Male
Age: Appears to be in his early 40s
Sexuality: Bisexual
Sexual Position: Semuke

Race: Demon

Character history:
Kiyoharu was a crowned prince of Hell known as Astaroth. After a bit of an incident where he slept through an important event, he was threatened with being demoted. His punishment meant that he would be in charge of corrupting youths in a lesser capacity. When Kiyoharu failed to do that, he was stripped of his name and title completely. The only thing left for him was to act as the personification of every mortal's inner demons. His strength comes from each act of procrastination, laziness and vanity that he compels mortals to make.

Character Abilities:
Kiyoharu tries to avoid astral projection and flight simply because they burn too many calories. He prefers to use portals to travel from one location to another. As the embodiment of each mortal's inner demon, Kiyoharu is capable of being in multiple places at once. This shrinks his size and drains a lot of his energy. His major ability is Illusion of Grandeur, which compels his mortals to believe they're entitled to everything they want with the least amount of effort. Fire and brimstone aren't nearly as cost effective as they could be. Besides, he kept setting mortal's clothes on fire starting with the shoulder.

Side: Monsters

Kiyoharu Kiyokiyo

Kiyoharu Kiyokiyochair

Kiyoharu is chronically lazy. He's easily frustrated when his naps are interrupted. This includes the call of his mortal charges. Those bastards need to learn that he'd rather work 9-5 with several hour long breaks in between. There are times when he's even too lazy to feed himself which has led to a quite under-nourished frame. He's very easy-going and quite like a cat with the need to tease those he likes.

Likes: sleeping, napping, relaxing, resting, shady spots to curl up in
Dislikes: stuffy angels, responsibilities, being woken
Strength: Vanity and laziness, overconfidence in the easy outcome
Weakness: ....rainy days and monday mornings

Role play Sample:

Aidan pulled Sally's hair. Molly slammed the car door on Michael's hand. Josh broke up with Nora and kicked the dog. Those were all successful missions. He was quite happy with the highs of the day, curling up on his side on the branch of a giant oak. The nest he was inhabiting had originally belonged to a very upset bird. However, she quickly learned that he was willing to scramble her eggs for breakfast so she relocated.

He groaned, vaguely listening to the chatter of a squirrel. It was all in a day's work. The way he saw it, he could rest here in the nest and recharge while the other versions of himself worked through the rest of his list. His plans changed when he heard a bell ringing. That had to be his favorite person to tempt.

It was Aki!

He was up and placing a rubber duck in the nest to ward off any birds attempting to encroach his territory. There was nothing Kiyoharu loved better than perching on Aki's shoulder. The young human was so easy to sell on anything he decided to do. Steal something? Sure! Harass someone? Challenge accepted! It was all in good fun...even when that pesky stupid Inabaka showed up.

They're not up there yet, they sleepin

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PostSubject: Re: Kiyoharu   Kiyoharu EmptyThu Apr 10, 2014 10:37 am

App accepted ^^
you can now post and use the chatbox~

ps, I like the 'Inabaka' nickname ><
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