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 Toshiya Hara - Application

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PostSubject: Toshiya Hara - Application   Toshiya Hara - Application EmptyThu Apr 10, 2014 6:54 pm

"They ain't up yet, they sleepin'."


Name: Kaoru

Age: 30

Instant Messanger(s): Hangouts, Skype. Ask.

Your muse

Name: Toshimasa Hara

Nickname(s): Toshiya, Totchi, Toshi, Toto

Band: Dir en Grey

Gender: Male

Age: 140

Sexuality: Straight, Heterosexual

Sexual Position: Dominate, Seme

Race: Inferi-Lamia, Vampire.

A unique race of Vampires of the ground and the darkest depths of the world. It is said the origins of this species came from the frigid pits if Hell itself. This race absorbs blood, flesh and energy of living creatures.

Character Abilities:
* - Flight
* - Enhanced Strength
* - Enhanced Speed
* - Enhanced Senses
* - Fire Element Manipulation

Side: Monster




√ - Short thick coarse waves rests past the ears of the pale skin of the vampire. His skin so pale and translucent that his skin appears to be rays of the moon itself. He stands at a tall and well built six foot three inches tall. He weighs one hundred and sixty-two pounds. Totchi wears usually dark colors. He dresses as a man of power and elegance. As a nan of wealth he wears whatever be may so desire.

√ Diabolical by all means of the word. Demented as he was created from the very ashes of demons whom served in Hell's army. Toshiya was not born, but made and crafted by a vampire of a alternate Subspecies. As Totchi was molded into a killing, heartless machine he grew to understand that all Humanity was worthless. Taught that all races were inferior to his own race and Demons; he developed a fond dark passion to abuse and kill Slaves he owned. As he matured his hobby grew.

+ - Blood
+ - Pain
+ - BDSM
+ - Dark Magic
+ - Manipulating Others

- : Weak Slaves
- : The Trinity Knights
- : Light colors
- : Velvet (Fabric)
- : Extreme loud noises

* - Fire Element
* - Stubborn
* - Melee Combat
* - Magic use

* - Ice Element - Weaken, Kill
* - Sun light - it will not kill him. But in extended exposure he will get fatigued.

* - Light Power - This will weaken and kill him. He is not invincible.

Character history:
Toshiya was made from the ashes of a Vampire Demon. He was then crafted to become a soldier, a killer and a beast upon the battlefield. Toshiya grew and evolved into a Vampire that held no remorse and compassion for those he killed. For as long as he was able to watch the very life seep from the victims he was content. Toshiya soon in the Human aspects of the world pursued a profession as a CEO and Founder of I & L Enterprises. He grew wealthy through ten years of dedicated hard work. While at the same time he kept rp keep his fighting skills as pristine and polished as possible. Awaiting the day he may he useful to Hell's army.

Role play Sample:

Delicate lights of neon flashed while the very bass vibrated on the ground. Bright topaz eyes lingered on the inhabitants of the cramped night club. The putrid scent of humans cocktail blended with the grim and sweat made the Vampire sick. But soon his keen eyes caught the sight of a rather peculiar individual he smirked wide! Razor sharp fangs peeked past powder blue and ash gray lips. There was a new victim; his newest prey to mold into the perfect slave.
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PostSubject: Re: Toshiya Hara - Application   Toshiya Hara - Application EmptyThu Apr 10, 2014 7:22 pm

Approved ^^
the cbox and forum are open to you~
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Toshiya Hara - Application
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