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Name: E
Instant Messanger: opheliasorrow

Name: Chisato
Nickname: Chi
Band: Penicillin, Crack6
Gender: male
Age: Appears to be in his 30s
Sexuality: Pansexual
Sexual Position: Semuke

Race: Former Goddess/Virtue

Character history:
As the personification of Hope, Chisato is neither truly good or evil. His help always begins with the best intentions. It is often that hope paves the path that so many dark things follow such as despair, fear, ruin and damnation. His life began in ancient Greece when Zeus instructed Hephaestus and Athena to create the first human woman. He was named Pandora and bestowed several gifts by the gods. One of those gifts was a jar (commonly mistaken as a box) that contained all the evils of humanity. Out of curiousity, Pandora opened the box and unleashed them upon the world. It was thought that only Hope remained in the jar when it was closed again. No one knew that Hope had fused with Pandora to have it's own body and being. To escape the Greek Gods, the newly formed being drastically altered her form. While now male, all of the beauty and wonder she'd been gifted with remains. Hope wasn't the only thing to escape the jar and cling to a form. Despair merged with a crow out of the desire for flight. However, it quickly learned that it couldn't leave Hope and was forever destined to trail behind. Unluckily for Chisato, Despair can talk and rarely stops chattering.

Character Abilities:
As a former goddess, Chisato has been blessed with eternal youth and lasting life. However, this does not mean that he can't be killed. He's far more susceptible to death due to how easily Hope dies. Much like an ember smoldering when a fire has been doused, Hope can be rekindled and brought back to life. He dies more often than not. When Hope turns to a darker path, Chisato will employ Vessel of Fear and unleash it upon his ward. During brighter times, Chisato will use Resplendent Expectation to spur the person toward even bigger dreams and passions.

Side: Team Switzerland


Chisato 7fd50e91-0c21-4fc6-bff3-70145c30ead0

Chisato's moods are like the weather, quick to change with the winds. He's usually a happy person, but can be subject to foul moods when things turn dark for his wards. His emotions are entirely dependent upon the hopes of the world. The former goddess is well adjusted and intelligent, soaking up the sights and sounds around him. Being trapped in a jar for eternity was enough to make a person quite curious!

Likes: reading, bird watching, music
Dislikes: cramped spaces, darkness, talkative things
Strength: Pure hearts, innocent thoughts
Weakness: Despair, negativity, sickness

Role play Sample:
The park wasn't Chisato's favorite place to be, but sitting by the fountain was a good way to spend an afternoon. He took a deep breath, staring at the water as it flowed from a marble cherub's jar. He never understood why cherubs were always carved as fat little babies. He'd never met a fat little baby cherub. In the midst of his pondering, Chisato threw out some crumbs to the nearby birds.


He ignored the gruff voice, tossing out a few more crumbs. "HEY!" Chisato groaned as he looked up to see Despair trying to nudge his way through a crowd of pidgeons. "Stupid shits. Now I'm going to starve. Are you enjoying this? Huh? Do you want me to starve?" Long black hair was caught in the breeze as he stood to shoo the pidgeons away.

"You can't die anymore than I can. What did I ever do to get stuck with you for eternity? You're worse now than you were in that jar."

The crow glared at him with a mouthful of crumbs. "These are stale. Are you trying to kill me with stale bread? I get it. I'm not good enough for fresh bread." Despair tilted it's bird head to glare at him harder.

It wasn't easy dealing with such a negative attitude all the time. Chisato knew that he should have been able to brush off the bird's comments, but he still couldn't. "No...I'm not trying to kill you. Either eat the bread or let the pidgeons have it. You can't have it all." A pidgeon landed back down, trying to decide whether to fight a talking crow for a bit of bread. It would be interesting to see who would win...

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