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PostSubject: Asagi   Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:03 pm

Name: Zeera
Age: 24 (oh how time flies lol)
Instant Messenger(s):
Skype: angeliquekanon

Your muse
Name: Asagi
Nickname(s): Hathor, Benzaiten, Saraswati, Euterpe or Kulitta
Band: D
Gender: Male
Age: Immortal
Sexuality: Gay
Sexual Position: Flexible
Side: The side of the fallen
Race: Demon
Subspecies: Leanan Sidhe

Character Abilities:
Asagi is immortal, and like all immortals he has an increased resistance to human diseases... A good thing too since Asagi is vampiric in nature... Unlike the traditional vampires of legend however, Asagi is neither a blood feeder or an incubi. Instead, he is a Leanan Sidhe... He chooses a victim and gives them unparalleled access to their inner creativity, allowing his host to create like never before... As the victim uses Asagi's power to boost their artistic abilities, Asagi feeds on the energy that they output... Unfortunately, the more the human uses Asagi's powers, the farther they descend into madness, eventually become too deranged to continue... Some of Asagi's notable victims include Caravaggio, Beethoven, Van Gogh and many more who's brilliant creative lives ended in suicide or madness...

Many of Asagi's summoning names are actually goddesses rather than gods. The reason for this is because despite being male, Asagi's form is so beautiful that many would mistake him for a woman. His wide eyes and full lips give him a look that promises seduction, his skin is pale and smooth, his hair is shiny and black as night and his bone structure is slim and delicate. Asagi can take on the form of either man or woman, but only while he is in the demon realm. Once he enters the human realm and claims his victim, he is stuck in the form that he's selected until the contract is fulfilled or he is released. Unlike most demons his true form does not have horns or wings or anything of the sort. However, his true form is so beautiful that if a mortal looked directly upon it, they would be struck blind.

Image 01
Image 02
Image 03

Asagi is a what a lot people might call flaky... He has a short attention span, but for the most part he's a gentle person... In all honesty, he's a bit like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter... Always day dreaming and periodically pointing out strange things, but oddly enough, usually had a very poignant view on the situation at hand... He loves artists... A lot... He's the type that likes to be model and muse and seducer all in one... He sees the world differently than most, and because of that, he's the type to wander off when something catches his eye... He's been known to stop and stare at crack in the side walk for hours, watching a little weed poke its way through the pavement...

He's more of a lover then a fighter and prefers being gentle, but he can be cold and calculating when he needs too... He's got a silver tongue (in more ways than one) and he'll use it to manipulate and control rather than relying on physical force... Over the years he's learned to act very well, being exactly what an artist needs... If they need to be abused, he can do that. If they need to be loved and encouraged, he can do that too... It all comes down to his next meal... Whatever nurtures the creative soul to its maximum potential (and therefore best taste), is how he will act around his artist... While he doesn't like using his victims, unfortunately, a demon's gotta eat... Though in recent years, he's started letting his victims live... He will push them to a creative breaking point and then withdraw, giving them the chance to return to a normal life... Many of the modern celebrity breakdowns are due to Asagi's influences...

Likes: Roses, Cats, Tea, Leather/Chains/Lace, Classical music, Classical literature, anything creative
Dislikes: Dirt, Dogs, Coffee, Velvet, Idiots and people with no respect for the arts
Strength: For a demon his moral compass points pretty north... Plus he's slow to anger...
Weakness: True love (he loses his hold on his victims if they fall in love), fine wine and chocolate.

Character history:
Asagi has been around as long as creativity has been around... Born when humans believed that they too could create (a power that the god's kept to themselves), Asagi has always been the voice inside of humans saying that if the gods can create humans, why cannot humans create things as well... Never a big supporter of gods (or demons for that matter), Asagi's always been somewhat of a rouge... He flat out refuses to take part in the war with the Gods maintaining that it's ridiculous, but maintains that the gods need to step off and let the demons and fallen angels be as they are... Frankly he finds the whole war childish, and he's not afraid to say so...

Throughout the ages, he's been worshipped as a minor deity, usually becoming the Goddess of Music, though to be honest they are merely names that he can be summoned by... Belief is what really summons him, so if you believed strongly enough that he would come, you could summon him using John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt and it would still work.

Asagi's most active periods can usually be spotted simply by looking at the quality of the art being created... He was highly active in the Greco-Roman years, then again active in the Gothic and Rennaissance periods... After these periods, he had a small period of heightened activity during the Impressionist and Surrealist eras... He was involved in the shaping of classical music as well as jazz and rock, and after a good long run in the 1980's, he went back to the demon world for a long rest...

Role play Sample:
Asagi slowed as he approached the exhibit, his eyes looking up at the surprisingly small piece that had so captivated the world... Amazing how something that had been meant as a personal gift had become such an iconic treasure... Why he remembered when the canvas had been carried about uncovered and traveled with in wagons... Now it was behind bullet proof glass and surrounded by armed guards... As other patrons slid past him, Asagi kept staring at the painting, a smallish smile gracing his lips as he touched his face, remembering the old days... He'd taken the form of a beautiful young man then since the painter had preferred males.. But at the time, such things were punishable by death... Asagi had gently urged the painter to takes commissions for women, knowing that there would be much less suspicion if the painter maintained the farce that he was interested in the fairer sex... But when the woman had come that day to sit for her commission, try as he might, the painter hadn't been able to take his eyes off Asagi...

The resulting painting had the woman's body... and even a few of her features... but the eyes were unnaturally playful and bright... The smile was coy and knowing... The cheeks were high and graceful... The woman had been thrilled, believing that the painter had captured her visage perfectly and couldn't wait to have it rushed home... But the painter returned her money and instead kept the painting for himself... He couldn't stand parting with the painting that despite having breasts was clearly a portrait of his lover... Not his commission...

Years later after Asagi had left his beloved painter, he regretted not taking the painting with him... But when he did return, he found that the painting had been lost... It wasn't until he returned in the recent centuries that the painting resurfaced, now labeled as a great masterpiece and kept under safe keeping so that the world could enjoy it... Tilting his head when a young man moved close to him and said in a soft French accent "It is beautiful yes? Does she not make you want to cry?"

Asagi looked at the young man and took note of the charcoal smudges on his fingers and face where he had clearly pushed his hair and glasses out of the way while sketching... His lips curved up into a soft enigmatic smile almost identical to the one that was hanging on the wall in front of them and said softly, "This is what Leonardo intended I think..."

The not up there yet... They sleepin!
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PostSubject: Re: Asagi   Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:09 pm

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