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Name: Tetsu-the-pants
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Your muse

Name:Yukie Nakama
Nickname(s): Your grace
Band: solo/Actor
Age: She forgot a long time ago
Sexuality: asexual
Sexual Position: not possible
Race:Ceryneian Hind (Artemis' sacred animal)

Character Abilities: Running away very fast, move quietly, and take long leaps. She is also tasked with delivering messages from the gods, allowing her to travel between Heaven, hell, and earth. Shift between human and a deer. As Artemis is represented by the moon; during the day time, Yukie was easily weaken and is only fully charged by moonlight. However, when caught in a surprise, Yukie freezes in place. Occasionally, she cannot stop the antlers from appearing in her human form.

Side: Gods

Yukie Tumblr_lxir11tShd1qa06x2o1_500
Yukie Pbucket

Personality: Yukie had always preferred the peaceful days to any other day. Loud noises, including storms, had always had her fur stand on ends as she froze, but she's always quick to move on her feet. As the years of being protected by one of the fiercest goddesses, Yukie always demanded respect from everyone. After Hercules' fleet in catching her, Yukie regain her humble manners. Not that she wouldn't hesitate to correct someone's vulgar manners with a kind lovetap of a slap. However, she would rather just avoid violence in general and live through her extended long life in peace.

Likes: Peace
Dislikes: Loud noises. Vulgarness
Strength:Running, moonlight
Weakness: Surprises, direct sunlight

Character history: Adored by Artemis, she was gifted with golden antlers even through she's a doe, allowing her to light her own path in the dark. The goddess of the hunt, unmarried woman, and animals has been her protector and in return Yukie has delivered messages from the gods to all. After Hercules has caught her once, she had then been even more reluctant to meet anyone outside of delivering a message. Over time as the warship towards her patron has waned and her powers weaken, Yukie has taken refuge as a quiet deer on earth, avoiding anyone unnecessary.

They're not up there yet, they sleepin

Role play Sample: (Once again, a paragraph please)

Another day was starting as Yukie was making her way to bask in the morning light before she had to return to slumber. The way that the sunlight just hit her antlers fill her with a sense of adoration, watching the light casting her a path to the heavens.

Taking soft steps, on the stones, as her hooves turn to toes wiggling in the streams, she smiles as the cool feeling tickled her. Settling to let herself sit and enjoy the scenery around her. It was going to be a quiet day, as life was stirring around her. The birds were just starting their day, insect were getting busy to avoid becoming breakfast for the birds...

Then she heard a step that was out of place: Human.

Yukie was up on her feet and running farther into the darker parts of the woods, finding her a place to hide until she could not hear the trespassers any longer. Resting her head against her gently folded hooves, it was safe for Yukie slumber until dusk where she'll be free to do as she wishes.

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PostSubject: Re: Yukie   Yukie EmptySat Apr 19, 2014 5:49 pm

Accepted, and welcoming her to the forum~
The chatbox and forum is open for your use! Enjoy!
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