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 Report [OPEN]

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PostSubject: Report [OPEN]   Sat Apr 19, 2014 6:56 pm

‘Oh, Cassiel. Poor, sweet soul…will you ever stay out of trouble?’

Beni smiled softly to the superior angel after being handed yet another improperly filled out report. The poor penmanship wasn’t the only issue. There were a few paw prints on the paper as well as a torn edge. She’d simply ran out of time to write the report over again. Wasn’t there credit for turning one in on time? “I’ll do better next time.” It was the same thing she said every time a report was rejected.  Each time she meant it.

‘Go to the cathedral and think upon your deeds as you make the necessary corrections.’

The cathedral wasn’t a long walk away. It would have been even sorter if she’d leaped there. However, it seemed a bit distasteful to shift forms when she’d just been scolded for being a bunny during report writing. She wanted to stay outside, but she knew that her superior would know. Beni stepped inside, bowing her head as she made her way to a corner to sit in silence on a spread of marble floor. All around her, she spread out her reports and sighed softly as she began to rewrite them.

Part of her wondered if other angels were asked to rewrite their reports. Most of them were probably far better behaved than she was. Her pen paused on the parchment as she stared blankly up at the ceiling. There was so much history in the cathedral that it was very distracting. It would be hard to have her report written without some mention of what she was sensing around her. Everything from the marble to the mortar had a story.

She could hear the whisperings of long forgotten prayers, conversations and intrigues. Beni lowered her head, trying to block them out as she began writing once more. A few more pages and she’d have the first report finished. There were a few more to go. She dreaded the one where she’d have to explain why she ventured into demonic territory and was nearly captured. Each word was written very slowly as she tried to make sure each word was legible.
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Report [OPEN]
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