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 Asfoeti (Hakuei)

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PostSubject: Asfoeti (Hakuei)   Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:52 am


Name: Hikaru

Age: 25

Instant Messanger(s): (P.M. for it please)

Your muse

Name: Asfoeti

Nickname(s): Hakuei

Band: Penicillin, Legendary SIX NINE, Machine

Gender: Male

Age: 29 (But is actually way over 2,000 years old..)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Sexual Position: Depends on the wish. Naturally Seme, will become -shudder- uke if he HAS to.

Race: Demon

Character Abilities: Doppleganger, shifting into that which the wisher desires. Once that desire is fulilled in a normal human, they perish and die of what seems like 'emancipation'. After their death, he claims their soul and carries it to HIS higher power, then would be able to shift his appearance into that human. His demon form, although, is a bit startling. Horns upon his head, red piercing eyes and pale flesh, and also wears the flesh of the deceased as leather.

Side: Monsters

Appearance: (Originally this photo for his true form)

Asfoeti can shift, as per mentioned into any mortal dead or alive, though if the mortal is dead, he could adapt to the smallest detail down to their voice and personality. If they are alive, he could go only as far as appearance (also viewed as a weakness). Naturally, as stated above, he has a pair of horns that jut out from the top of his head, deep red eyes with barely any white to them and an elongated black smile. When taking mortal form, his hair is long, quite long, and varies in color. He chooses to keep his lip pierced (labret) and two nostril piercings though one thing almost gives him away; the constant smirk he carries, the honey sweet voice he uses to lure individuals, and his stature. He stands at 6'2" with a built but lithe build, tattoos covering most of his body but for his stomach.

Personality: His personality varies depending on the situation as he is a true chameleon with every wish and every person, he blends in, though that is when he is 'at work'. Asfoeti's true personality is cruel and unpredictable. His anger is violent, his passion out of bounds, and his compassion is practically nil. Though there will be one that might and it is stressed might tame him somewhat, though he will never stop doing what he does best. There is never a -true- personality unless he is alone and it is never the same. All in all, he has many facets and layers when it comes to how he behaves around various people, but once in a great while, his true self will surface but will soon enough shove it back down with another mask.

Likes: Torture, blood, body parts used as furnishings or clothing; even as accessories, fresh meat, drinking, women, men, sex, BDSM, celebrations pertaining to his kind, the moon, satin, silk, leather, anything that makes him feel good; even the slightest amount, sweet foods, smokes, rough sex (his favorite).

Dislikes: CHILDREN, too much kindness (he finds it sickening), anything bitter tasting, brilliant light, the sun, cute things, sweet demeanors, snow.

Strength: His ability to shift into any person (human only), his desire to fulfill his purpose is what drives him on and motivates him into any wish desired. His stamina is beyond comparison seeing as how he needs that to achieve his goals.

Weakness: Anything sexual oriented, anything alcoholic offered, or a perfect example: Any kind of gore or something as delicious as torture or heightened emotions from fear, terror, sexuality, or any of the seven sins. There is only one way to kill him. . .but he wouldn't tell a soul.

Character history: Since the beginning of conceptual thought and desire, Asfoeti has been there. Created by lust and sin, he was born of the etheral Hellfire in full adult form to collect souls for his master. He has been there for the fall of Israel, the fall of Egypt, the destruction of Atlantis and Pompeii, the plagues, so many wars that has happened through the ages. His best works were during these 'hard' times when women and men would lose their loved ones in battle or death. Not much is known about his full history as there is too much to fill in, the puzzle pieces scattered in time from one religion to another, but is known to all as a doppleganger.

Role play Sample:
Taking a long drag from the cigarette he had plucked from the now corpse's possession, Asfoeti sat in the chair beside the bed with a wide smile to his face, proud of his work. Things had become a little harder lately, what with those who stopped having any faith and belief in 'wishes'. Desire always lived on though, and within that desire, he would be there. The corpse that laid upon the bed now was a husk he had chosen to desicrate, she was too beautiful to pass up. The blue lips, the mottled skin, it was like a work of art on leather canvas. The clotted blood scattered around the now dingy and dank room was also littering his lovely leather pants that were still unbuttoned and unzipped that he had worn that evening, skinned from Babylonian women. . .such a shame. "Given a different situation, I would have enjoyed to hear your screams, pretty." his sickly sweet voice whispered into the white noise that consisted of only the sound of his lips drawing smoke from the end of his cigarette. "Though I must take your leave, precious, I have things to be people to do. Enjoy your stay in Hell. I do."

And by the way, "They're not up there yet, they sleepin'."

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PostSubject: Re: Asfoeti (Hakuei)   Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:42 pm

Approved! ^^
Thank you for reading the rules~

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Asfoeti (Hakuei)
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