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 Chihoon's application

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PostSubject: Chihoon's application   Chihoon's application EmptySun Mar 27, 2011 11:32 am


Name: Fuu

Age: 18

Instant Messanger(s): hoonglish (on AIM)

Your muse

Name: Lee Chihoon

Nickname(s): Chi/Hoon

Band: N/A (he's an uhljjang/model)

Gender: Male

Age: Appears 21 (real age unknown)

Sexuality: Homosexual

Sexual Position: Uke

Race: Kitsune (Fox spirit)

Character Abilities: Being a fox spirit, Chihoon has the typical abilities that one possesses. He's able to freely shape shift between his true, fox form (with two tails) and his human form. As well as that, a fox spirit also possesses healing abilities thanks to the fox bead within him though the effects of it are not instantaneous and he does experience slight pain. Like the rest of his kind, he's able to remove the fox bead from his body and give it to another person. While he is able to do that, being without the bead for too long a time will spell the death of him and so, when the bead leaves his body, he must stay near it. He has a slight seduction ability that comes naturally with being a fox spirit: his 'beauty' (as legends like to call it) almost always causing people to stop and stare.

Side: Neutral

Chihoon's application Tumblr_lihexrhxOj1qb62czo1_400
Chihoon's application Tumblr_li6h7vq6mH1qb62czo1_400

Personality: The field foxes are often mischievous and can even be malicious and this is exactly Chihoon. He's mischievous and enjoys playing around with people - messing with their heads or just teasing them and so he comes off to be a bit of a brat. He's shameless and not shy in the slightest (although somewhat quiet), taking delight in being around others and never hesitating when it comes to skinship, being a fox who likes to be petted and treated. Despite all this, he's often sarcastic and loves teasing - sometimes saying things that are a little harsher than he really means to.

His malicious side comes out every now and then when he relishes in seeing others suffer: physically, emotionally or mentally and sometimes he'll contribute a little to that for further entertainment. He's one of those darker fox spirits despite his delicate and innocent-looking form. Most know him to be strange and at times, twisted.

Knowing he's good looking, he also uses that to his advantage when it comes to getting what he wants from people be it grabbing a free meal or certain other things. It's because he knows that being good looking can get you places, Chihoon can be rather vain and always makes sure that he looks good.

Likes: Food, being doted on, playing around with people, nice clothes and make up

Dislikes: Any work that requires physical strength, being bored, people who ignore him, being hungry, anyone who wants to take his bead from him

Strength: He can eat a whole lot of food and not gain any of the weight and his hearing and smelling abilities are incredibly high. Not too easily irritated.

Weakness: Relies a lot on what he can get from other people but never really sticks and gets too close to anyone. Has a habit of following people that interest him no matter where they're going.

Character history: Chihoon had lost count of exactly how old he is but he does know he hails from Busan and has since then, made his way all around the world - seeing the sights and studying the people. He's enjoyed the high life with the fanciest possessions and cuisines due to his sweet-talking ways and flirtatious personality. Knowing that with his fox bead, he'd never be able to die, Chihoon refrained from letting himself get too attached to the companions he met along the way because unlike him, they would eventually meet their end. As far as he knows, Chihoon has never met his family and has only a few, old friends who come and go - randomly meeting up whenever they might be in the same area.

Being a fox spirit has gotten him in trouble many-a-time because when people see past his appearance and sweet talk, they look to his bead. His bead which will keep someone alive even when they're on the brink of death and will keep them immune to illness and injuries.

It was in France one year when he'd met a man who Chihoon decided would be his host during his time there. He had been able to keep the man intrigued and in the end, he found himself living in a giant house, being fed and clothed and entertained free of charge. Eventually, the man found out about Chihoon's real identity when he shape shifted without knowing anyone was around. The man had begun finding out more about fox spirits from then and when he learned of the bead Chihoon had, he stole it from him whilst Chihoon was asleep. Of course, Chihoon found out and with the bead being his life, he begged the man to give it back to him, willing to do anything for it back. The man used this to his advantage and Chihoon was forced into slaving around the house and other awful things until the man decided he'd 'earned' the bead back. Usually gentle and patient, even Chihoon began growing irritated. Having not wanted to resort to violence in the first place, he had no choice now as the man only grew bolder and bolder with his commands and finally, Chihoon attacked him, forcing the bead from the man's body and leaving the man barely alive.

That was a decade ago and now, Chihoon has settled himself down with a small apartment and a motorcycle, working random modelling jobs now and then just to keep himself entertained. People had grown stingy and he knew now that he had to work sometimes to keep himself fed - much to his displeasure.

Role play Sample: The wind whipped past him as he tore down the highway on his bike, the moonlight reflecting off his black helmet - a feeling of power seeming to flow through his veins. Ah the moonlight. Always such a nice re-energizer. His bike skidded to a stop and the engine clanked noisily until it died, parked right outside a small club. Tonight, he was going to enjoy himself just like every other day and he was looking forward to who he might meet and who he'll get to entertain and spoil him. People were so daft and so easily tricked.. so easily seduced. Chihoon thought it adorable really and he was glad he had so many toys to play with whenever he went out. Getting off his bike, already people were staring and his lips curled into the fox-like half smirk at the attention when he pulled off his helmet and ran fingers through his hair, the locks falling into perfect place on their own.

"Who wants to play?"

they're not up there yet, they sleepin

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PostSubject: Re: Chihoon's application   Chihoon's application EmptySun Mar 27, 2011 4:58 pm

You have my approval, but you'll have to wait until Italy can look it over before you can post anything, ne?
Please make sure you read the rules.
Also, well written App. :3 Glad to see you here. And it's also nice to see an ulzzang, as well. Maybe Jinki won't be by himself now....

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PostSubject: Re: Chihoon's application   Chihoon's application EmptySun Mar 27, 2011 7:45 pm

igubdfughb I'm so sorry, i thought i'd put it in D;

This is what i get for posting at 3am .____.
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PostSubject: Re: Chihoon's application   Chihoon's application EmptyThu Mar 31, 2011 2:30 am

Sorry I keep forgetting to actually post your approval ;A;
But you are, so welcome ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Chihoon's application   Chihoon's application Empty

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Chihoon's application
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