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 Hyde's application

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Hyde's application Empty
PostSubject: Hyde's application   Hyde's application EmptyMon Mar 28, 2011 8:21 am


Name: Anna

Age: 25

Instant Messanger(s): hauntedjealousy @ AIM

Your muse

Name: Haido

Nickname(s): - Hyde

Band: Solo/L'Arc~en~Ciel/VAMPS

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Sexuality: Bi

Sexual Position: Flexible!

Race: Human (for now.. will become a vampire)

Character Abilities: No special abilities, just a normal human being. Good at hiding.

Side: Neutral

Haido's hair is most often brown, about shoulder length or shorter, sometimes braided on one side. He's physically quite small, standing only 159cm tall and weighing less than 50 kilos. His features aren't very distinctive and he dresses quite plainly as well, easily blending in to crowds.

Hyde's application 2m4c2th
Hyde's application S4s0ea
Hyde's application 2jaf6es

Personality: Haido is quiet and a little reserved around strangers. He's almost too curious for his own good at times and sometimes gets to trouble due to this. He might seem a little odd at first, as if he was living in his own little world inside his head. Haido's expression is most often thoughtful and he might zone out in the middle of a conversation as his mind wanders off after something else. Despite of this, he's very observant when he wants to be and not many things go unnoticed. In general he's kind, not turning away people if they ask for his help, yet he tries to stay away from situations where that might not happen, being socially a little awkward. He's fascinated by eyes and unusual ones get his attention, he doesn't like loud and pushy people but is more attracted to those alike himself.

Likes: cats, nights and stars, has a habit of climbing to rooftops at night due to this, silence, strawberries, reading books, playing the piano

Dislikes: noise, hot weather, crowds, fire, cigarettes (due to having to use fire to lit them)

Strength: His ability to observe situations and act accordingly.

Weakness: His curiosity often takes the best of him and sometimes leads into trouble when he sees or finds out something he shouldn't.

Character history: Haido, being only 25 years old, hasn't had very special past. He grew up as an only child in a mid-class family, his mother was an artist, painting and playing the piano. Haido and his mother were very close and she was the one who taught him to play the piano and from who he seemed to have inherited most of the traits of his personality. His father on the other hand was a business man, spending long periods of time away from home and never became very close with his son. At the age of sixteen, Haido's life took a sad turn as his mother got sick. It wasn't a normal illness and the boy couldn't understand why his mother had to be taken away to locked into a mental hospital. The father continued with his life as usual, not showing his sadness and still traveling and leaving his teenage son to live alone in their big house. He had never had many friends, being too introverted to really initiate conversation or to try to get to know others. Occasionally he missed company but didn't mind his solitude too much either. He grew up, still living in the same house, spending most of his time either indoors with books or taking nightly walks outside. He eventually got a part-time job at the graveyard, taking care of the grass areas, gathering dead flowers from the graves and picking up garbage. Haido somehow liked the job. Until this day, he still keeps working there, still taking his nightly walks and climbing to rooftops to see the stars. Unknown to himself though, his life is about to change drastically.

Role play Sample:

It was just another uneventful night, Haido was laying on one of the rooftops in downtown, stargazing as usual. It was past midnight when he suddenly heard some loud noises accompanied by the sound of someone's running footsteps. The boy sighed a bit, not appreciating the disturbance. It had been so silent and nice. His curiosity took over once again though and slowly he moved to peer down onto the street to see what was going on. He saw a thin boy, possibly a few years younger than himself, running from what seemed like a bunch of guards of some sort.

Seeing the guards getting closer and closer to the boy, Haido frowned, hoping the boy would've gotten away. The boy started screaming once the guards caught him and Haido looked away, not wanting to see what they did to him. That's when he noticed a man dressed into white clothes on the other side of the street. The man was clearly observing the same scene Haido had only moments before. The boy's eyes widened soon though as he realized that the man and the boy who had been running away from the guards looked almost completely alike. Haido had a good sight and the streets were lit so he could see quite well, though this time he thought his eyes must have been lying. Looking back down, he saw the guards dragging the now unconscious boy away and the white-clothed man soon following them. This perked Haido's interest even more. He wanted to see what would happen next. Moving on the rooftops and eventually down to the street, he followed them, shuddering as the mental hospital came to view. "Mother.." He mumbled quietly. That was the place where his mother was kept. He hadn't been allowed to visit her even once.

Climbing to the nearest rooftop, the boy kept on following the situation developing in front of his eyes. He gasped silently when the man dressed in white suddenly turned into a white cat that went through the gates and into the building. Of course Haido knew there were other beings than just humans but he hadn't really seen this kind of things before. He decided to wait, wait until the man would come out again. It was already dawn when the doors suddenly opened, crowds of what seemed like patients of the hospital running out of the building and through the gates.

"Mother." He whispered again. He'd recognize her anywhere and there she was. Haido was certain it was his mother among those people. Swiftly he climbed down from the roof and ran after them, finally spotting his mother and catching up to her for she had started walking, clearly in a too bad shape to run. "Mother.. mother.." Haido was already crying as he reached the woman. "I will take you home."

"they're not up there yet, they sleepin"
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Hyde's application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hyde's application   Hyde's application EmptyMon Mar 28, 2011 11:58 am

Most definitely approved!
Thank you for reading the rules~

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Hyde's application
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