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 Tora's Application *Rebooted*

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PostSubject: Tora's Application *Rebooted*   Tue Mar 29, 2011 1:40 am


Name: Not Happening

Age: 22

Instant Messanger(s):

Your muse

Name: Amano Shinji

Nickname(s): Tora

Band: Alice Nine

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Sexuality: Heterosexual but I will sleep with a dude....for a price or if it is Shou who is known for biting and scratching.

Sexual Position: Missionary....definitely missionary

Race: Tiger

Character Abilities: Kinetic Energy Manipulation

Side: Team Switzerland(He takes only the side of who he likes at the time.)


Personality: Bold, passionate, and cunning. No other way is better to explain who I really am. While not all that outgoing I can turn anything into a party. I can appear stoic and reserved but deep down I am nothing but a big softy....that punches a lot. When not taking care of business I like to relax and just get naked.

Likes: A huge oolong tea drinker indeed. Smoking is okay but I do not do it often. The most important thing you need to know is to never touch my sunglasses or you end up being one of those people I punch a lot.

Dislikes: Rules....yeah I got nothing. Just rules....that people expect "me" to follow.

Strength: Heightened senses, brute strength, wisdom and a big cock -Chicken runs by-.

Weakness: Blinding lights, Strong scents, and extremely dumb people.

Character history: Ugh I hate this part. Blah blah smoke and mirrors blah. No but seriously not sure where to begin. I am just going to give the gist of it all. My name is not Tora for nothing. I am literally a tiger. Pretty cool right? Why I look like a human is no ones business and no even if you paid me would I tell you. A man has to keep some secrets of his own. I always felt that while living in this world I may as well make something out of myself....without cheating to do it. So I decided to start playing the piano and singing which has gotten me far. Oh yeah for those who wonder if I am single...I am. With that being said I would be careful of my little friend and by little I mean my crazy, childish, and very jealous incubi, who would not think twice of ripping your eyes out and wearing them as earrings. If you think you can get by that then by all means give it a go. Not paying for your funeral though; just saying.  Not sure what else there is to tell but hey if you want to know you will ask right....whoever is reading and or hearing this.

Role play Sample:
"Hey seems I have to show my skills up in here."
-Takes of a puff of his cigarette-
"If I am going to do this at least get me something to drink. All this rambling can make I guy thirsty"
-Looks at the menu and begins to run his finger down the list before tapping on his selection and closing the menu back-
"Yeah can I get a oolong tea and a order of fries? Yeah I know sounds gross but it is what I want. Deal with it. Ugh I do not know what you want me to say. Look I just want to enjoy my cig and read a manga. Is that too much to ask?"
-Takes another puff before glaring at you with irritation.-

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PostSubject: Re: Tora's Application *Rebooted*   Tue Mar 29, 2011 1:43 am

Japan, you are most definitely approved ^^
Can't wait to start reading what you come up with with someone XP

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PostSubject: Re: Tora's Application *Rebooted*   Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:11 pm

Reboot approved! Welcome back, Japan.
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PostSubject: Re: Tora's Application *Rebooted*   

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Tora's Application *Rebooted*
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