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 Jaejoong [Revamped]

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PostSubject: Jaejoong [Revamped]   Thu Mar 31, 2011 12:59 pm


Name: China

Age: Twenty One.

Instant Messenger: five_shining_stars (Skype)

Your muse

Name: Kim Jaejoong

Nicknames: Jae, JJ, Joongie [Only for use by those he's close with, must have his permission to use this nickname.]


Gender: Male.

Age: Unknown, appears to be in his early twenties.

Sexuality: Homosexual.

Sexual Position: Unknown.

Race: (Fallen) Angel/Vampire hybrid

Character Abilities: Healing abilities, he can't go so far as to heal broken bones in one go, but he can speed up the process, he can also rid someone of a cold and such, too.

Side: Neutral.

Appearance: Black choppy hair, dark eyes, 5'9 and a half, pale complexion, with several piercings in each ear. Since he is fallen, his wings were ripped out, leaving him with deep, painful scars on his back.
You're  My  Melody  


    Enigmatic and feral type personality. Jaejoong gives new meaning to the word unpredictable. Sometimes he is sweet and easy to get along with, other times he is easily angered and prone to mild violence. He is not particularly a bad person, but understanding him is quite a difficult task that is mastered by very few people.

    He's got a bit of a mothering side to him though, that he attempts to keep to himself but he doesn't often work. That side is, for the most part, reserved for the people he's close to. Jaejoong has a bit of a soft spot for broken and battered things, though, and his idea of hiding this side of himself goes out the window when such a thing is presented to him in any form.

Likes: His fangs, biting, alcohol, shopping, skinny jeans, singing, spicy food, cooking

Dislikes: Vanilla, yelling, getting dirty, loud people, a lot of things.

Strength: He's cute, and can cook? And can turn just about anything into a weapon if need be.

Weakness: He's not good at lying to people who know him, speaks without thinking which often gets him in trouble.

Quite frankly he's also really useless when actually scared. It's difficult to get him into such a state, but once there…don't expect him to save your ass when he's too worried about his own.

Character history:

    A mix of two very different things, Jaejoong's mere existence seems to be that of taboo. For a long time he was very oblivious to his true nature, having been abandon by his parents and adopted by an elderly couple along with his younger brother Taegoon. He was quite happy with them, learning to live his life slow paced out in the sleepy country side or Korea.

    However it didn't last very long. He became conscious of himself on accident one day when left home alone. Wings sprouted from his back, and although he had always been fascinated by paintings of Angels it was nothing short of hell. Painful, and he was frozen, be it fear or pain alone. He hid in his room, curled up in a ball with the wings acting as a barrier. Perhaps it was a dream.... But he remained there until his parents got home. Luckily enough they seemed calmer than Jaejoong was. Be it because they knew something he didn't or they were suddenly senile in their old age. It became a secret among the little family, and it was well kept until he got older.

    For as he grew something else seemed to plague him. Every so often he grew incredibly sick and his body grew cold, slowly seemed to shut down. It always resulted in a stint in the hospital and blood transplants. Fortunately it wasn't something that happened too often.But there was someone else, someone who seemed to watch him closely and log every detail of his life. Returning home from school one day, when he was just nine, Jaejoong walked into a blood bath. In the center of it all were his parents bodies and two strangers he had never seen before.

    In a panicked haze he took off through the house, locking himself in side of his bedroom to find the napping for of his baby brother. In a panicked haze he awoke the sleeping boy, ushering him inside of the wardrobe and locking it with a promise to return soon as he could.It was just seconds later the strangers appeared again.A hybrid, they called him, disgusting, taboo it was, yet he seemed too traumatised to understand.  And so the strangers explained, but it wasn't as simple as a history lesson. The life he knew was destroyed, and before he was completely left on his own in life he had been dubbed fallen and stripped of his wings. Well, almost completely alone.

    He remembers nothing more than bits of pieces of that day, and the sick and dizzy feelings he felt when he was near the corpses of the only people he really trusted, however it is a heavy weight he carries with him. Above all else he carries a lot of guilt, it took him three days to trek back home and free Taegoon who seemed like a completely different person.

    Just some years later Jaejoong is still in the dark as far as that day of his life went, however he is much more clued in to the world and what lurks in plain sight.

Role play Sample:

    "They're not up there yet, they sleepin'," Jaejoong answered after a moment, grin resting over his features despite the way he had so perfectly botched up his speaking.

    Never would he understand the blonde's fascination with Amonn, however he was willing to give it a go. It was probably because Kouki hated Nero, or because he hated Amonn. Perhaps he was a mix of both. He never had been particularly kind to...people.And well, both Nero and Amonn worked for the government...although so did he... Didn't the revolutionary know that? Scratching the back of his head with something of a nervous laugh the Korean folded his arms over his chest, "You really should stay away from Amonn, yanno.... He cut someone's head off with a sword once...aaand he's kind of like...a whore."

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PostSubject: Re: Jaejoong [Revamped]   Thu Mar 31, 2011 1:18 pm

Cute way of putting the password in there.

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PostSubject: Re: Jaejoong [Revamped]   Mon Apr 14, 2014 1:00 am

Please note the slight changes. Will work a little more on changing him to my tastes in threads.
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PostSubject: Re: Jaejoong [Revamped]   

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Jaejoong [Revamped]
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