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Name: See Jaejoong

Age: --

Instant Messanger: ahjfgdlkgj [aim]

Your muse

Name: ?? Kouki

Nickname(s): None, unless you're willing to risk injury.

Band: D=OUT

Gender: Male

Age: Some centuries. Appears to be someone in his mid-late twenties.

Sexuality: Claims to be asexual

Sexual Position: --

Race: Monster [creative no?]

Character Abilities: Dream weaving; He can penetrate people's dreams and manipulate them to his whim. If he so desires he could even use this to terminate people, however he seems much more content to destroy his victims mentally.

Side: Monsters.

Appearance: ~6'1, slender build, two toned eyes [bright blue right, grey, left], white blonde hair.
Here kitty, kitty.

    Cold and quiet Kouki has little tolerance for nonsense. Although he is easily the person to act as though they are your best friend before shoving a knife through your heart. Insanity seems to be in his aura and yet he is a master manipulator. Often blunt to the point of harshness or perhaps stupidity it is wise to listen to his actions rather than his words. To an extent Kouki is easily socially awkward, clearly uncomfortable in crowds, unless someone is broken and bleeding, of course.

    Supposedly, once upon a time he had been a lovely person, but time does a lot to people.

Likes: Dogs, smoking, people watching, destruction, death, despair

Dislikes: People, whiners, large social settings, clingy people

Strength: He is merciless and cold, when someone is lucky enough to gain his trust he's quite the bodyguard.

Weakness: He rarely seems to display emotion, Lyric, his husky puppy*

Character history:
    Once upon a long, long time ago Kouki was a pleasant child. He was born into a seemingly perfect family. However that was merely face value. His father was a wicked man, hell bent on making his only child out to be the perfect killer as soon was he was able to walk.

    The goal was to use Kouki to gain authority over their race and to teach all to bring up the young creatures just the same. There was just one problem, though. Kouki's shattered mentality.

    Although he was prided on for being calm and so very in control it was far from the truth. Violent outbursts started becoming a frequent fixture of his life. Soon he turned on his family, slaughtering them in cold blood.

    That event is the single memory that remains vivid in his memory. Everything else seems to be lost in time. However, time has also taught him to refine himself to blend in more easily and refine the art of subtly.

Role play Sample:
    "They're not up there yet, they sleepin'."

    It had been going well, the Korean, known for cracking even the most patient person while maintaining a smile, had been minding his manners. And then out of no where at all when he asked where Nero and Amonn were he had been answered with... What was that?

    Perching his chin in his hand Kouki arched a brow, examining Jaejoong as though he had captured the rarest of creatures. Was that meant to be gutter slang? Or was he suddenly struggling with the language? Both scenarios seemed unlikely.

    "Well then....perhaps we should make sure sleeping isn't code for dead, since Amonn thinks he is a ninja, and all..." the blonde offered slowly, more disturbed than he would have liked to be by the wicked glow that flickered to life in the other man's dark doe eyes at the mention of the word 'dead'.

* Please note 'Lyric' is actually my dog named Sable.

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