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 ~:Takeru Application:~

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PostSubject: ~:Takeru Application:~   Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:39 am

They're not up there yet, they is sleepin'!


Name: Korea

Age: Old enough!

Instant Messanger(s): None (PM please )

Your muse

Name: Takeru

Nickname(s): Takeru, Angel, Sera

Band: SuG

Gender: Male (Though angels, especially seraphim are supposed to be genderless, he was given a gender as a gift.)

Age: 53 (Looks like he is maybe 17-18

Sexuality: N/A

Sexual Position: UKE

Race: Angel (Seraphim/Voice of God)

Character Abilities: Healing (by song or touch), Mood Enhancing (only positive), disappearing or reappearing with a thought, with a touch to anything destroyed by a demon or monster, he could revive it, possibly even returning life to someone or something killed by that side's hands.

Side: Gods

Appearance: His blond hair is nearly white with a streak of purple in it that goes a bit past his shoulders, and his eyes are ever-changing from blue (when sad), brown (when angry), and green (when happy or pleased). He is thin and short, making him appear to be tiny in comparison (standing at 152cm), and has a marking of a butterfly in the center of his chest. His wings, which are rather small for an angel, are white tipped with gold primary feathers and down, as it makes him look like a young bird, still growing it's feathers in.

Personality: He doesn't speak, so he uses telepathy to speak to those he wishes to communicate with him, as if one hears his real voice, it would shatter their eardrums and cause them to go deaf. This goes for immortals and mortals alike, except other angels. This makes him quite sad a lot and it shows by the way he behaves. Introverted, shy and secluding himself away from others, he always carries an eyeless teddy bear he named Kuma to comfort him when around others. All of that being said, it is safe to say that he is a virgin, and plans on staying that way. After hearing of the white pheonix falling into the monster's hands and shifting places, it saddened him, making him believe even more that he should stay as pure as he could to stay with the Heavenly Father and his good ways.

Takeru doesn't act harsh in any means, and at some times, he is viewed as insane. Of course not speaking to anyone for millenias and keeping his thoughts to himself unless bearing good news to mortals about their souls, redemption or their future with God, the ways mortals act makes him frightened for the world's sake. Thus, he behaves accordingly to his kind, but is often frightened, flinches if touched or if hurt in any way. . .could scream. . .and shatter the insides of a mortal's fragile body.

He does his best to stick to values and morals, and when 'conversing' with a mortal, they believe him to be a mute boy, taking pity on him which he sometimes can't stand. (He doesn't hate anyone, it's a bad word. He doesn't even hate monsters or demons. Takeru believes they should get a chance too.)

Likes: Soft things, beautiful things, light airy creatures (birds, butterflies, even small fish and insects, though he loves all animals), kindness, love, devotion, sincerity, miraculous events, consideration and compassion. His Kuma.

Dislikes: Only thing he dislikes is his inability to speak openly. He forgives rudeness or any negative aspect and believes they can be changed into something better than that.

Strength: His large heart and his ability to forgive and move on, even if it a creature of hell. As said before, he believes everyone should get a chance regardless of who they are. His healing abilities are one of the strongest abilities he has if nothing else.

Weakness: Takeru believes his voice is a weakness. Even a cough, a giggle, clearing his throat, or any kind of sound could hurt another's ears. Another weakness is violence. When it is around him, he curls up into a ball and tries to hide, covering his face and humming to himself while holding onto Kuma.

Character history: Takeru was born of the clouds and of God's laughter, making him a seraphim, the voice of God. With so many angels falling or going over to the demon's or monster's sides, there had to be more angels brought into creation. Being fairly new, Takeru knew not much about the world below or underneath his very being. As he began to work with humans, learning to speak vocally when he was only a year old, he was speaking telepathically at five, learning that if speaking aloud to a mortal or another being from below he could shatter them into death, and he didn't want to be responsible for that. There is not much more to say about him but for the simple fact that he is there to makes tics of mortals; make notes of their behavior and if they were on the right side or not.

Role play Sample: Holding onto Kuma as tightly as he could, Takeru neared a woman that was quietly walking down the street with a bag in her arms, a forlorn look to her beautiful features. He had been watching her for quite some time now and was saddened with the fact that she had learned she could not bear children. Married as she was, they had tried a number of times and to no avail. As far as Takeru had found, this woman and her husband were going as far as talking over divorce, and it saddened the small angel. As she paused, seeing the small figure approaching her, she smiled sadly to Takeru when he stepped up to her.Tipping his head with a sweet smile, he placed his hand gently on her cheek, patting it as he looked into her eyes. A soft gasp was ushered from her lips as shock over came her, hearing the voice in her head coupled with his other hand touching her abdomen. . .with Kuma under his arm. Dropping the bag in her arms, she began to sob happily and smiled.

She was with child now.

(Thank you Italy! <3)
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PostSubject: Re: ~:Takeru Application:~   Sun Apr 03, 2011 4:40 pm

We have a Korea?
Italy never informed me of this...hmmm...
Such a sweetie, he is~

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~:Takeru Application:~
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