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PostSubject: Hiro   Sun Apr 03, 2011 6:32 pm


Name: K

Age: 22

Instant Messanger(s): PM for details

Your muse

Name: Ushitora

Nickname(s): Hiro

Band: Vlast

Gender: Genderless (appears male)

Age: 2796 (appears around 20)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Sexual Position: Semuke

Race: Oni

Character Abilities: Immortal. Can appear Human at will. Inhuman strength and agility. Night vision and heightened senses. Primarily nocturnal

Side: Monsters

Appearance: they're not up there yet, they sleepin.

Will often switch between totally human form as above, or a half and half variation as below.

Hiro's half and half variation sports the sharp teeth and claws, unnatural blue eyes, dark hair and ghostly white flesh of his breed. He doesn't show the foot and a half black horns he has unless provoked into anger fuelled agression.

Personality: Hiro is deceptive. Sly. Untrustworthy. The beautifull man enjoys creating chaos and unrest be it with his quick tongue or stunning looks. He finds amusement in others suffering and pain, taking great pleasure in toying with people, picking them apart piece by piece. The youngster can't help but be childishly disappointed that humans are such fragile things when they die half way through a game. As an oni he is naturally destructive, often turning violent and agressive either simply for the 'fun' or because he can't help that firecracker of a temper. If however, he is denied an outlet for his rage, Hiro can turn self-destructive and do himself harm to out of frustration.

Likes: Gore. Eroguro manga. Pistacio icecream. Dubstep.

Dislikes: Dogs. Assholes except for himself. Bees. Daytime.

Strength: His lack of emotional attachment to anything

Weakness: Pretty things. Blood lust.

Character history: Born as one of twins, Hiro was always the dark to his brother's light, like yin and yang they were, even carrying oni blood. Developing an unhealthy habit of self destruction and indulgence, Hiro grew to be an unstable and unfeeling child, unhesitating when it came to killing whoever was pointed the finger at. Growing older, he eventually struck out on his own, turning into a solitary creature when it came to others of his kind. The only person he holds any kind of feeling for is his brother, who currently, is out of the picture. Any more indepth history is well hidden, waiting for whoever dare get close enough to him to try and seek it out.

Role play Sample:Gasping for air and sanity. Moon and stars and clouds and night. Out of breath and breathless. Blackness, trees, bloodlust and heat. I will drown in this darkness, in this....carnage. They say it’s just like going to sleep. Wordless murmurs and giggles uttered through a grinning mouth, crimson drool finding it's way over pale chin, sharp and almost manic laugh twisted out. Hiro shuddered, the thick cloying taste of human blood on his tongue making his mind swim like he'd dropped two pills. Head rolled bonelessly forwards for a moment, clawed hands twitching in their slimy coating until lean body lurched up, fingers raised to that mouth full of sharp teeth where his pierced tongue could begin the cleaning process, half eaten person left behind without a care, someone to become the next newspaper headline. People shouldn't think just because he looked small and pretty that he wouldn't rip their insides out given half the was just too easy...
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PostSubject: Re: Hiro   Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:44 pm


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