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 Leda application

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PostSubject: Leda application   Tue Apr 05, 2011 9:33 am


Name: Bethany

Age: old enough

Instant Messanger(s): They are against my religion.

Your muse

Name: Seya

Nickname(s): Leda

Band: DELUHI [I refuse to ever say ex.]

Gender: Male

Age: Who's actually paying attention? About 2,000 easily, but looks 23 or so.

Sexuality: Bi

Sexual Position: Semuke

Race: Demon of death

Character Abilities: A touch causes flowers to wilt, animals to die and humans to get sick. If there is a soul that lingers for more than three days, that has nothing left to finish, aka afraid to go to hell or heaven, and only wants to stay, Leda can claim that soul. He is also the voice that people hear when they want to commit suicide or kill, convincing them to do so. The only really special thing he can do is fly, with or without his wings.

Side: Monsters


No peircings other than his belly button that he shows off quite often as well as his thighs. His hair is blonde with some deep red streaks. He has no special demon form, or horns. He has small black wings, like those of a fallen angel, but more often than not has them hidden within his skin, only showing as scars on his back. He looks very human with milky white skin, and his nails always adorned in a blood red. The only unnatural thing of his appearance is his eyes. The iris' are deep black matching their pupils.
Personality: He usually speaks very sweetly, but has a dark sense of humor. He is sado-masochistic [usually leaning towards the M side] and can be very open about his motives. He likes to flirt and can sometimes be a little too sexual and rather blunt with his speech. He also spends a lot of time around Hakuei...I'll let you decide on that.

Likes: blood, gore, death, pain, sex, the color purple

Dislikes: bright colors

Strength: pain tolerance

Weakness: He isn't much of a fighter. Someone who can capture his attention for more than sex and/or killing them.

Character history: I am the voice you hear when you are standing on the ledge, as you pick up the knife, pull the trigger. I am the little devil sitting on your shoulder who convinces you to sin. If you are looking for the angel, he's...preoccupied.

Role play Sample: Standing on the ledge, Leda held up his hand to block the sun from his deep eyes. The wind blowing lightly against his skin, shifting his light hair away from his face. He wasn't one for sunny days, but soon enough being there would be worth it. He turned to the young girl standing next to him. Georgous to him with her dark brunette hair, and light brown eyes ringed with red and swollen. Tears streamed down her face causing it to glisten in the bright sun. A grin played upon his plush lips as he stepped closer to the girl and leaned in close. He lifted his hand and whispered into he ear like he was her best friend telling her a secret. The blonde leaned back slightly, lowering his hand. The girl in front of him closed her eyes, barely able to breathe through her sobs and he adored the beauty of her despair. His grin faded into a dark smile as he watched her step off of the high shool's roof, painting the grounds below with the most stunning shade of red.

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PostSubject: Re: Leda application   Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:53 am


[DELUHI disbandment makes me sad ;____;]

You are approved hun. Welcome ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Leda application   Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:13 pm

Oh my goodness. I totally forgot to mention that he can hear the thoughts of despaired people. It is only humans, and when they are thinking of sinful thoughts. Like murder or self distruction in any form. It is basically how he picks his victims and plays off of them to make them commit the sin.

Is that too much?
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PostSubject: Re: Leda application   

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Leda application
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