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 Mao's Application

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PostSubject: Mao's Application   Mao's Application EmptyTue Mar 15, 2011 4:31 pm


Name: Italy

Age: 19

Instant Messanger(s): uchiki_adytum (skype)

Your muse

Name: Yamaguchi Masao

Nickname(s): Mao

Band: SID (Shido)

Gender: Male

Age: Not even he knows anymore. Looks around 27

Sexuality: Gay

Sexual Position: Semuke

Race: Vampire

Character Abilities: Incredable speed and physical strength, enhanced senses, mind-link, able to be in sunlight and eat human food, other stuff he doesn't actually use often like teleportation and elemental manipulation

Rank/Position/Side: Master Vampire - Monsters

Mao's Application 5
Mao's Application 11
Mao's Application 12

Personality: He has a sweet exterior, and is often rather charming. Though he can become vicous when crossed. He can also be somewhat possesive. If he sets his sights on something, he will make it his one way or another. He also doesn't flaunt his powers. He only uses them when necessary, or playing with someone.

Likes: cigarettes, sweets, cute things, liquer, blood

Dislikes: being in the sun for too long,

Strength: He is pretty influential within the city, no one knows he true strength.

Weakness: jealousey, sometimes lets his guard down

Character history: Mao can't remember what it was like to be human, or if he ever really was one. When the war first began, he avoided it like humans do the plague. After a close friend betrayed him, he joined the Monsters, and ultimately killed his friend in battle. When magic began to die out, he opened the Restaurant as a refuge for Monsters.

Role play Sample: Mao took another hit off of his cigarette, watching the rain fall. It was times like this when he actually missed sunny days...almost. He loved the rain, but hated walking in it. Yet he still in all his years never bought an umbrella. Driving was an option, but he didn't have to go far. His apartment was just a few blocks from the Restaurant so he would always just walk. He only really ever used his car for long distances. He could move fast enough to be just under able to teleport, but it would be a little bothersome if he just 'dissapeared' when those walking by him were watching his movements. His restaurant was rather famous in the city, so unfortunately many people knew who he was, meaning using his powers could cause problems. Mao sighed putting his cigarette between his lips to free his hands, taking a drag while he buttoned up his jacket. He took one last drag before putting it out and throwing the bud into a nearby trashcan as he began is journey home.

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PostSubject: Re: Mao's Application   Mao's Application EmptyThu Mar 24, 2011 12:44 am

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Mao's Application
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