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 Devil in the Details [Open]

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PostSubject: Devil in the Details [Open]   Devil in the Details [Open] EmptyWed Apr 06, 2011 1:15 am

The neon lights turning pale skin a brilliant hue of blue as it moved, glistening with sweat upon the stage. A blond moved his body to the rhythm of the music. His thin body bent over before whipping his head back, blond hair highlighted with red shining in the dim lights. Running his fingers along his plush lips before biting down on them, he eyed his target at the end of the stage.

Takoyoko Reishii age twenty-three sat at a table sipping his drink as his eyes were locked on the dancing figure in front of him. The young man was the son of Takoyoko Keito, CEO of Takoyoko Industries, one of the few large businesses in the city still owned by humans. Reishii was a model son, the only son of Keito. Smart, handsome, everything the man could ask for, except for one little dark secret that ate away at him causing shame and despair to fester in his soul. Though being in societies spotlight, and the son of a homophobic father, he did a pretty good job hiding his sin. And that was exactly what the demon was going to expose.

Leda had originally gone there with his 'partner' Hakuei, but had quickly become bored when the other had begun flirting with some mixed breed. So, he decided to wander to a different part of the nightclub, one for humans only. The demon was happy to spot his target rather early. There were plenty of other lost souls there, but this one he wanted to take much more. He wasn't much into politics or anything that had to do with humans really except for corrupting their hearts, but he felt a strong need to destroy this one. The corporation was really a rotten one with low values and morals, even for the demon. And if it went according to plan, it would be a double win for him, taking both father and son. It was really lucky for him too that one of the male dancers...didn't show, so he could talk the owner into letting him fill the spot.

Rolling his hips, the blond trailed his hand down his bare mid-drift then to grope himself as he flipped his hair to the side, it sticking to the thin layer of sweat on his face. A face of which was lined with an expression of erotic bliss as he continued to look at his victim through half-lidded eyes. Leda dropped to his knees, spreading his legs as he popped his chest to the beat. He watched only slightly as the young man in front of him reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small wad of money. The smallest smirk played on his full lips for he knew he had won, both Takoyoko Reishii and his soul would be his. The man separated some of the money out and held it up for the 'dancer'. The blond acknowledged by crawling towards him and biting at his lower lip. He licked up the young man's finger before taking the paper between his teeth and backing away slowly, his dark crystal orbs gleaming in the neon. Leda got back up and continued his dancing, touching himself and spinning around the pole provided. He couldn't wait to watch as CEO Takoyoko buried his one and only son.
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Devil in the Details [Open]
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