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PostSubject: Airi   Sun Apr 10, 2011 10:35 pm

"They're not up there yet, they sleepin'."

Name: See Jaejoong

Age: --

Instant Messenger: ahjfgdlkgj [aim]

Your muse

Name: Suzuki Airi

Nickname(s): She'll answer to pretty much anything.

Band:C-ute / Buono

Gender: Female

Age: Sixty Eight

Sexuality: Bisexual, female preference.

Sexual Position: --

Race: Demon

Character Abilities: Molecular combustion: She can cause particles to vibrate rapidly until they combust. IE she makes things blow up.

Side: Neutral, leans more towards the Gods, though.

Cuter Than You

    Bubbly to an extent. Airi is rather people friendly and could essentially be friends with anyone, unfortunately this isn't always the case. She is quick to judge and had quite a temper should things not go her way. She is also rather spoiled [the doing of her twin] and sometimes it shows in full swing.

    She's slightly laid back, often preferring to watch chaos unfold, only stirring the pot if she is sure she can keep from getting messy. A complete and utter prankster in the presence of Teru.

Likes: Sweets, cute things, baking, shopping, Teru, angels

Dislikes: Spiders, lightning, Teru, creepy men, a lot of demons.

Strength: Extremely smart and calculating, complete schemer. Can do ANYTHING in stilettos.

Weakness: Teru, every ounce of seriousness she has goes out in the window in his presence. Girly girl by nature, she will avoid getting herself messy like the plague.

Character history:
    Growing up she was the family favorite, she got whatever she wanted with a bat of her long eyelashes or crocodile tears while her brother was pushed into a corner for being difficult more often than not.

    Airi was an ideal child growing up seeming to follow a completely opposite path of Teru down to the day he up and split out of no where. It took her a long time to get over being abandon by her best friend in life, thus causing all on war between the two of them for a few decades, something that quickly grew worse following the death of their parents.

    Despite being younger she has always been more mature and slightly more level headed, thus leaving her parent's fortune solely in her possession following their death. That alone had been what reunited her and Teru, since then they have been rather inseparable.

    Her life is rather boring, quiet, if you will, and she seems to enjoy it that way, having even stepped away from her loyalty once instilled in the Monsters.

Role play Sample:
    For a moment his arms lingers in the air and then he allowed them to fall to his sides, yet Jaejoong was smiling. All the same, it wasn't normal - there was something demented, evil that shone through his angelic features.

    "Wrong??" Jaejoong chuckled, shaking his head, he decided to whisper at the other student, he would make the demon listen to him, "I'm right, and that drives you insane, doesn't it? I'm not like everyone else, you can't figure me out, but I've looked at you once and know your darkest secret."

    An angel, but one with a tarnished past that made even some of the most stoic people cringe, he was lovely and could be kind, but something hideous lingered inside of him. It was something he couldn't shake. In fact, he could hardly control himself at times.

    Growling under his breath the angel's hand once again curled into a fist at his side, but this time he didn't even have time to blink. Before it even processed in his mind his fist had already slammed into the demons jaw.

    "Don't you ever tell me I'm wrong."

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PostSubject: Re: Airi   Tue Apr 12, 2011 12:25 pm

Okay, we're good.
Congratulations on bein the first girl.

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