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 Taegoon App

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PostSubject: Taegoon App   Tue Apr 12, 2011 2:37 am

They're not up there, they be sleepin'

Name: See Ibuki~


Instant Messanger(s):

Your muse

Name: Kim Taegoon

Nickname(s): Tae, Goonie

Band: Solo

Gender: Male

Age: Appears nineteen

Sexuality: Pansexual

Sexual Position: Seme

Race: Angel/Vampire hybrid

Character Abilities: Taegoon is an empathetic physic. While he can only influence emotions around him to a certain point, he can feel the emotions around him strongly, as if they were his own. With years of training he’s been able to keep himself separate from the feelings of others, and he can dissect them to determine the type of person sending off the emotions.

Side: Neutral

Appearance: What a Pretty Boy

Personality: Taegoon is a rather extroverted and exuberant individual, much unlike the introverted child he grew up as. He comes off as arrogant and cocky more often than not to those that don’t know him well enough. To most he’s easy going and laid back but like most his mood has an opposite end, but even still, it isn’t as bad as his brother’s wrath. Anger for him is more of a slow to simmer but quick to burn sort of thing. His patience of course is not endless, but once he does get angry it’s over fast.

Though there is still that part of him that is a scared child. The part that is locked away, frightened for dear life and begging to be rescued. Thus his relaxed attitude is sometimes just a front put up to make himself look tough. And no matter how much he tries to soothe this small part of himself it still exists, reminding him that he has some scars of his own.

Likes: shopping, cooking for others, messing with Jae [who doesn’t love doing this?]

Dislikes: small, dark spaces, being alone for too long, burnt food, hunting

Strength: Reading others emotions with a simple glance while hiding his own

Weakness: Easily overwhelmed at times, doesn’t cope well with failure

Character history:
He grew up without knowing his birth parents, but he was fortunate enough to be adopted by an older couple alongside his older brother Jaejoong. Growing up in a sleepy town where everyone knew everyone he was often the center of attention, being just a toddler.

Taegoon doesn't quiet have many memories of his child hood, simply the pleasant feeling that went along with it. That, however comes to an abrupt halt in his memory. There is one memory that stays with him, much against his will.

One day when he was just four he was asleep in his brother's room when he was abruptly disturbed from his sleep by a frantic Jaejoong who kept shushing him. The next thing he knew he was inside of the older boy's wardrobe and the doors swung shut, clicking as they were locked.

Panicked, he remembers attempting to scream, only to fall silent by the sound of the bedroom door coming loose from its hinges and the voices of two men shouting all kinds of nonsense.

And then quiet. Three days, though it felt like even three weeks, of darkness haunted him before the wardrobe finally opened again.

He was a quiet child following that time, robotic almost as he was so drawn into himself.

Years later saw he and Jaejoong struggled through everything until the day his brother turned eighteen. Following that time they were no longer homeless. In fact they found themselves quite rich and in that time they abandoned their home country, settling in in the busy streets of Japan.

That was six years ago and Taegoon has reestablished himself in life, however he is careful not to shun the person he used to be.

Role play Sample:
He was in a stage of limbo, his mind caught between the horror of what he had just done and the satisfaction of finally hurting the one who had hurt him in return. Never in his whole life did he ever figure he'd be where he was right now, standing there, blood on his hands and a piece of a win bottle stuck in his ex boyfriend's shoulder. Not his best of times at all.

Before he could even make out a sentence he was caught by a fist connecting with his jaw. He stumbled a step back and clutched at the throbbing bone, eyes wide and the ruby creeping in even further along his irises, swallowing the grey that lived there before. A low growl shook his chest and he pulled his hand away from his face. He didn't care of pain anymore and rational thought was gone. The Shinigami was rising from where he had buried it, no longer being forced into submission. "I'd like to watch you try."

Eyes watched the blood soak into his shirt, a smirk pulling at his lips as fingers twitched unconsciously. He wanted to touch it, feel the warmth there, slick it between his fingers. Bringing a hand up to Kouki's waist he pushed him against the counter and ran his free hand along his wounded shoulder, fingers dabbing at the blood. "How beautiful." He purred and shoved a finger into the wound with a laugh, twisting it before pulling back completely and grinning up at Kouki. Eyes ran over the bloodied digit and he flicked his tongue across the skin before sliding it into his mouth and then pulling it out with a pop, completely void of blood now. Looking back up at Kouki he laughed softly, fingers fiddling with the hem of his shirt. "Aww.. does it hurt Koko?"
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PostSubject: Re: Taegoon App   Tue Apr 12, 2011 6:39 am


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Taegoon App
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