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PostSubject: Ruiza~   Thu Apr 14, 2011 3:34 pm


Name: Amelie

Age: 21

Instant Messanger(s): aim: raveandou

Your muse

Name: Yoshiyuki Nakahara

Nickname(s): Ruiza, Rui

Band: D

Gender: Male

Age: 412 (appears mid/late 20's how ever most of the time)

Sexuality: Not fussy

Sexual Position: Again not fussy

Race: Kitsune - Zenko

Character Abilities: Shape shifting, small healing powers

Side: Gods (Kitsune of Inari)

Appearance: General Human form:
Kitsune form:

Personality: Ruiza is quite a loving Kitsune, he's always willing to help out anyone who needs his help. He's not one to anger often and is more likely to get frustrated and upset if angered. He's often used and mistreated due to his kind-hearted trusting nature. He's very dedicated and if harm befalls his friends is the only time you will see him in a darker light and pure anger.
Like all Kitsune he has a small tendancy to pull little pranks he finds personally funny.

Likes: Purin/Pudding (Creme Cramel), smoking, music of all types, Reading and good old Sushi!

Dislikes: Spicy food, people who tease him alot

Strength: Devoted, trustworthy, the fact he is fast and can heal (also a dab hand it shapeshifting!)

Weakness: Not actually very strong. Also if trying to go undercover as a human the fact he can't hide his tail is a let down in his tranformations

Character history: As a Kitsune of Inari he's had a fairly calm life and been well looked after by various people throughout his lifetime. However since the death of his last human partner due to the war he decided to live alone in hiding for a while to recollect himself. He still kept up to date on the situation of the war, but after feeling like no matter what he did helped he'd given up in the actual participation in it. He'd been living alot rougher than the comfort filled life he had before him, and has pretty much been living as a human after feeling so comfortable around them. He'd even taken a small role as a doctor in the slums just to help those who had helped him in his time of misery.

Role play Sample: Ruiza looked up in the sky with a small sigh, what was the world coming to. The situation in Holy War had never been this bad. He had been getting more people coming to visit for his help everyday, it was slowly tiring him out constantly using his magic like this. He had already taken to tranforming into a fox each night to conserve his energy. He was just glad he'd had nothing to serious to fix as of yet, but at this rate he feared it wouldn't be long. And it pained him to admit how attatched to the slums he had become. They were kind and like a family to him. He still couldn't believe he'd already been here for 7 years. And in those seven years he'd not had on messenger from heaven come looking for him, he was very worried about how grave the situation was becoming....
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PostSubject: Re: Ruiza~   Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:08 pm

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