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 Aoi Application

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PostSubject: Aoi Application   Aoi Application EmptyFri Apr 15, 2011 9:26 pm

Name: Zeera
Age: 22
Instant Messanger(s):
AIM: angeliquekanon (this is not my primary)
Skype: AngeliqueKanon

Your muse:

Name: Shiroyama Yuu
Nickname: Aoi, Blue, sexy-muffin, Flower
Band: the GazettE
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Sexuality: Manly Gay
Sexual Position: Reverse Cowboy
Race: DragonFly (a very small dragon with butterfly wings… literally smaller then a Chihuahua…)

Character Abilities: Aoi is able to shift into an animal form, in which he has wings that are coated in a powder that causes sleep, and a highly venomous bite (though like most reptiles he is capable of “dry-biting” or biting without injecting venom). He is more agile then your average human, and his very flexible due to the reptilian nature of his bone structure.

Side: The side of the hole-cheese

Appearance: Aoi is tall and lanky. He’s 6’4” and has the build of a spaghetti noodle. He has an angular face with strong brow bones and full pouty lips that give him the overall appearance of a man looking to get into mischief. He has dark hair and he’s usually on the trendy side of punk as far as fashion is concerned. One unique feature is that he has no eye-whites. His eyes are literally black. In human form, he does retain a black serpentine tail, however due to its slenderness he keeps it safely wrapped around his waist. It is prehensile as well, so it can be used for all sorts of things… **Wink**

As a DragonFly, he is quite small, weighing less than a small dog and being only two feet total in length. He is covered in black scales and has two blue and black wings on his back along with a blue and black crest on his head.

Personality: Fun-loving, hard-working, and generally a good guy. He’s a bit of a people magnet, and people love to be around him.

Likes: Video games, contact sports, food (he’s not picky), and comics…

Dislikes: Bullies and Backstabbers…

Strength: His personality and his loyalty

Weakness: He’s kind to the point of being TOO kind.

Character history: Aoi is just a baby compared to many of his magical contemporaries. At only 21, he has yet to fully understand what it means to have such a long lifetime ahead of him. That being the case, he’s much like any other teenager. Headstrong and confident, and believes that he’s invincible. This is a bit odd for someone who’s only 6 inches tall in animal form. His parents are patient though, and have let him go out into the world by himself so that he can learn about the world at his own pace. Naturally, he’s partying like its 1999.

Roleplay Sample:

Aoi swayed on the dance floor, a petite blonde boy at his front, and thickly built football player behind him. Both humans and completely unaware of the true nature of their dance partner for the evening. He of course had told him that his eyes were merely contact lenses and that he could most certainly see them. What they didn’t realize was how WELL he could see them. Aoi had exceptionally keen senses and could tell that these boys were looking to experiment and add some color to their rather boring sex life. Who was Aoi to deny them the pleasure of a threesome?

The smaller of the couple was the less patient of the two. His body was already betraying itself. The little blonde was rubbing shamelessly on Aoi’s front and making no effort to hide his desires. Aoi’s nostrils flared at the rich scent of arousal and his lips curved into a smile as he rewarded the blonde with a firm squeeze on the backside. The little blonde mewled softly like a kitten and looked over Aoi’s shoulder at his partner with need in his eyes. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that he was asking for his dominant partner’s permission.

Aoi knew what the answer would be. Though the dominant jock behind him had at first been reluctant, Aoi had been subtly working on him all night, rubbing and grinding at just the right times. The dragon’s patience had been rewarded with a boner that had been pressed up against his bottom for the last half hour. Chuckling softly when the jock whispered a soft invitation in his ear, Aoi smirked and nodded. He’d of course have to think up a cockamamie excuse to explain the existence of his tail, but other then that, he expected he was in for quite the evening.
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PostSubject: Re: Aoi Application   Aoi Application EmptyFri Apr 15, 2011 11:28 pm

approved ^^

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Aoi Application
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