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 Taka Application

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PostSubject: Taka Application   Taka Application EmptyFri Apr 15, 2011 10:30 pm

Name: Zeera
Age: 22
Instant Messanger(s):
AIM: angeliquekanon (this is not my primary)
Skype: AngeliqueKanon

Your muse:

Name: Taka
Nickname: Taka-kun
Band: the Underneath
Gender: Male
Age: 457
Sexuality: Mostly gay
Sexual Position: Seme… very much seme…
Race: Kitsune-halfling… One parent was a phoenix, the other a kitsune

Character Abilities: Because he is a halfling, his powers are limited. His ability to perform illusions is limited to concealing his more terrific features, and his magic skills are confined to melee combat (even that is mainly unrefined blasting rather than skillful offense or defense). He is able to supplement his kitsune abilities with phoenix-fire, but he suffers from an extreme weakness to water based attacks (unlike a pure phoenix who would possess unquenchable flames).

Side: Monster

Appearance: Taka is what people in the modeling world like to call “Ugly Pretty”. He has striking features that are not traditionally handsome, but give him a certain attractiveness that people find hard to describe. He has an intense face with strong lines and an almost constant scowl, though the scowl is actually just the way his face looks rather then an indication of mood. Taka has a swimmer’s build with long limbs and plenty of muscles to add even more to his overall intimidating appearance. He is dark haired with gold eyes, and he’s usually seen wearing black. Using his illusory powers, he hide his black fox ears, bushy black and red tail, and the set of black and red wings on his back.

In his full animal form, he sports black fur with red points, black wings, and has longer legs then one would typically find on a kitsune. He is large, weighing in at almost 600 pounds, and standing 5 feet at the shoulder. See below, but imagine it in black and red.

Personality: Shy, intelligent, and a bit gruff.

Likes: Poetry, reading, and studying mythology. It’s his dream to find out the origin of species and work out of some of the mysteries surrounding their creation.

Dislikes: when people approach him too quickly because he’s not sure how to react.

Strength: He’s incredibly intelligent and very persistent.

Weakness: He’s extremely shy and talks very little, even to the people he DOES like.

Character history: Taka is a guy who likes his privacy. He’s sadly the unwanted product of a fling, so for the vast majority of his childhood he was hidden away and taught to just act like he doesn’t exist. This teaching stayed with him, and centuries later he finds solace in knowledge and often finds himself blending into the background. That aside, he’s actually very kind (though you wouldn’t know it by the way he looks and mumbles) and has a very compassionate heart, particularly towards children. He has achieved some notoriety due to his vast knowledge of mythology and his in depth study of races. The only time he ever opens up in fact is when he’s talking about his research, which he’s very fond of.

Roleplay Sample:

Peering over the rims of his glasses, Taka examined the text again. He didn’t actually need glasses, but these particular spectacles allowed him to see past the surface of the page and into the complex network of magic that lay underneath. This was a particularly fascinating piece that he had been studying for almost a month. Each page was a puzzle, rich with allegory and imagery, and he was fascinated, though it appeared to have little to do with his studies. Damn those 12th century chemists. Always on about immortality.

Jotting down a few more notes and then taking off his glasses, Taka cleaned off his work space and then closed the text, caressing the leather bound cover. Books never judged him. He liked that about them. Smiling and shutting off the light, Taka turned away from his desk and slipped into his bathroom. Peeling off his clothes and taking a look at himself in the mirror, Taka wondered if maybe he should take a lover again. He was starting to get lonely, and he wasn’t unattractive. Sighing and shaking his head, Taka banished the though. Lovers never lasted. They either detested the fact that he was so quiet, or they got angry with how much he focused on his studies.

Stepping into the shower, he cleaned himself with an almost mechanical efficiency and then stepped out of the shower, drying himself off and finishing his nightly ritual of teeth brushing and other hygienic necessities. Like washing behind his ears and wings and brushing out his tail. Once satisfied with cleanliness, Taka slipped into his special pajamas (tailored to accommodate his tail and wings, he crawled into bed, wrapped his wings around himself tightly and then fell into a deep, blissful sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Taka Application   Taka Application EmptyFri Apr 15, 2011 11:26 pm


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Taka Application
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