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 Yuuki Application~~

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PostSubject: Yuuki Application~~   Yuuki Application~~ EmptySat Apr 16, 2011 1:20 am


Name: Hikaru

Age: 26

Instant Messanger(s): (Ask please~)

Your muse

Name: Yuuki

Nickname(s): Yuuki, Princess, Bitch, Brat

Band: Lycaon

Gender: Male

Age: 268

Sexuality: Gay

Sexual Position: Uke. . . .very uke.

Race: Water Dragon/ Water God

Character Abilities: Control of water in any form.

Side: Gods

Yuuki Application~~ River_WisdomBlueAirDragon
Dragon form
Yuuki Application~~ O081812261259999784482
Human form

Personality: Stubborn at times, very spoiled and knows what he wants, he still has that streak of kindness and curiosity, especially dealing with humans and their nature.

Likes: His natural form, the sensitivity of human skin, anything aquatic in nature, simple pleasures.

Dislikes: The tightness of human skin, the inflexibility of it, crude behavior, those who act 'higher' than himself (he has a complex), long periods of time without being near a body of water.

Strength: His natural abilities, flight in his natural form or being in water in any form.

Weakness: His abilities are constricted by his human skin, and too much time away from water will slowl him down drastically.

Character history:
As the son of a water God, Yuuki himself was destined to be the same, taking the form of a dragon when in travel or even as he wished to be, which was more often than not. He was treated as royalty as he was an only child, though as he grew, he had become attached to a couple of others, also dragons, even if he was warned of one and found the other was to be his destined and arranged mate. He was quite against an arranged mating, but as the other was an air dragon, water and air seemed to go well enough together, and their mating commenced once the pair agreed. That agreement took a while as Yuuki was stubborn and did not like being told where to go or who to mate with. Being together with his mate Mako, they were sent to the surface to keep track of what went on during the coming war and to protect humanity in a sense. Humans are precious. . .just not enough for him to take on their skin.

Role play Sample:
Seeing Mako storm out of the bedroom with two sleeves from his shirt. . . .in his hand. . .Yuuki sighed while looking over his own form in another mirror. "It's not. . .so bad. But why did they have to send me here in a small body??" he huffed lightly through puckered full lips, and instead of wearing the blonde hair down and styled, he decided on a rather oversixed black hat and the same for his sweater, tilting his head to look himself over again. Though Mako was certain to find his gift soon enough, which was hidden from sight and only there for his mate to see later on. "I could get used to it I guess. . ." his face scowled slightly with a low rumbling purr in his chest, " . . .but he fact that I can't curl up as I always do in this skin. . .is irritating me. Do we REALLY have to be here, Mako?" his structured eyes glancing up to his mate with a smile, wanting to have some form of an answer that would match his opinion.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuuki Application~~   Yuuki Application~~ EmptySat Apr 16, 2011 6:24 am


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Yuuki Application~~
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