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Name: Hikaru and Italy

Age: ---

Instant Messanger(s): (Ask please~)

Your muse

Name: Takanori Matsumoto

Nickname(s): Ruki, Chibi (anyone other than his parents (or Ko-Ki as he would hate to admit) call him that, he will murder them)

Band: GazettE

Gender: Male

Age: --

Sexuality: ---

Sexual Position: ----

Race: Vampire

Character Abilities: Only very slightly in mind-link, teleportation and speed, though he was born with the ability to manipulate blood. At times stopping a heart 'not meaning to' accidentally exploding it. Simply bringing blood towards him from a body would halt the flow and cause excruciating pain.

Side: Monsters

Ruki App M
Ruki App 4109971167_ac1a907603

Personality: Very spoiled, crude, having no filter from brain to mouth he speaks what's on his mind and doesn't hold back regardless of right or wrong,

Likes: Blood, his fathers, getting his way and doing as he wishes.

Dislikes: Not getting any of the above and being punished 'unrightfully'.

Strength: Ruki's blood magick is his strength. As he grows, he will realize he can manipulate a body by taking a drop of the body's blood and writing on paper with it what he wants the physical body to do.

Weakness: Ruki's weakness at the moment is his age. Being very young and growing rapidly, he has to learn to do as his fathers do, and they have to bring him his food which he actually loves, being waited on hand and foot.

Character history:
The only history he has right now is that his fathers are Gakuto and Mao, and his slave is Ko-Ki. More will come as he grows.
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Approved ><

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