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PostSubject: Reita   Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:02 am


Name: See Jaejoong.

Age: ^^^^

Instant Messenger: ^^^^^^^

Your muse

Name: Suzuki Akira

Nicknames: Reita, Aki, Rei

Band: the GazettE

Gender: Male.

Age: 113

Sexuality: He doesn't even know.

Sexual Position: Pffft mind your business!

Race: Water Sprite

Character Abilities: Absolute water manipulation. He can control and manipulate water, whether he draws it from the air, or even from a person's blood if another source is unavailable. Often his method of attack is drowning someone internally. As a sprite he can fly, and in either form his nails turn into razor sharp claws.

Side: Team Jesus

Appearance: Blonde choppy hair, usually in faux-hawk. He never goes anywhere without something obscuring his face- but it a noseband or a bandana, his hair is always swept into his the left side of his face, obscuring it completely. The reason his face is obscured is because of a scar running from his forehead to is cheek, his entire back is littered with scars as well.

In sprite form he stands at a mere three inches tall. His hair turned a pale turquiose and his skin a pale white with blue undertones. When using his powers actively in either form his eyes turn to a sea-foam green iris with a pale blue coil looking around his pupil.

Bitches Love Me, Because I Know How To Rock

  • Quiet
  • Elusive
  • Pensive
  • Brutal
  • Borderlines being overly analytical
  • Optimistic-Pessimist

Likes: Nature, cigarettes, music, silence, those who obey.

Dislikes: Places that are too bright/dark, goody-two-shoes, overly arrogant people, drinking.

Strength: Determined, and at times ruthless.

Weakness: He's completely blind in his left eye.

Character history:
    Being adopted by angel's is his earliest memory, and since then he had been absolutely loyal to them, however their purpose for taking Akira under their wing seemed a lot different that at face value. It was his ability they wanted from him- but with no way to take it from him they decided to train him to perform at that beck and call instead.

    He was taught to be a destroyer, traveling back and forth between Heaven and Earth with the sole intent to search and destroy whatever he was told necessary. It hardly bothered him, and after a long time he became completely disconnected from himself- indifferent to death and suffering, only to rename himself Reita in the long run. He seems to be nothing more than a shell of who he once was, living on mostly in his head.

    One day an assignment saw him hunting down several fallen, the only thing he remembers of that day is losing his ability to see in his left eye, something he keeps a secret by obscuring his face.

Role play Sample:
    "They're not up there yet, they sleepin'," Jaejoong answered after a moment, grin resting over his features despite the way he had so perfectly botched up his speaking.

    Never would he understand the blonde's fascination with Amonn, however he was willing to give it a go. It was probably because Kouki hated Nero, or because he hated Amonn. Perhaps he was a mix of both. He never had been particularly kind to...people.

    And well, both Nero and Amonn worked for the government...although so did he... Didn't the revolutionary know that?

    Scratching the back of his head with something of a nervous laugh the Korean folded his arms over his chest, "You really should stay away from Amonn, yanno.... He cut someone's head off with a sword once...aaand he's kind of like...a whore."

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PostSubject: Re: Reita   Sun Apr 17, 2011 11:30 pm

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