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 Miki (One twin of Asfoeti and Leda)

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PostSubject: Miki (One twin of Asfoeti and Leda)   Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:19 am


Name: Hikaru

Your child

Name: Miki

Nickname(s): Doll

Band: ex. Scissor, Mix Speakers Inc.

Parents: Asfoeti and Leda

Gender: Male

Age: ---

Sexuality: Incestual

Sexual Position: Seme

Race: Demon

Character Abilities: Miki is a very rare demon for certain. When he draws, whatever ends up on paper springs to life. Be it an inanimate object or a living being, it will come forth from his paper with the most exquisite or bitter taste, or the exact personality he would give it. Every aspect of his drawings come from his mind. He also can give a mortal body the characteristics of a doll. Still, breathless, no heart beat, open glossy eyes and porcelain skin. It depends on their soul, what type of doll they become, also.

With his twin, Yuki, Miki makes the doll, while Yuki takes control of the doll with psychological manipulation, together puppeting humans to do as they please.
Side: Monsters

Personality: He is very complex. Even while in the womb, he clung to his brother and refused to let go even upon exiting. Miki speaks in contradictory terms, if he is happy, he will say he is sad, if he welcomes you, he thanks you. Everything he says will be the complete opposite of what he means. The darker half of the twins is also the very quiet, soft spoken and gentle of the pair, and won't speak against someone unless they hurt his twin or his Mother. It's then that he becomes primal and will attack at the drop of a pin, no matter who is around.

One of his small quirks. . .he carries broken dolls, or some that resemble a human. . .in which he would have taken a human and given them a still body so that he could make them into a doll. Humans, to Miki, are broken dolls too. He would be very content to simply sit anywhere, away from everything, and draw while holding onto a doll. As long as Yuki is there with him.
Likes: Dolls, Yuki, Mother, quiet, colors when dealing with his drawings, dull colors dealing with his dolls.

Dislikes: Father, having nothing to draw with, when a doll is not broken, loud-mouths.

Strength: Miki's strength lies with his twin and his mother, as well as his abilities.

Weakness: Again his mother and twin, but also bright lights.
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PostSubject: Re: Miki (One twin of Asfoeti and Leda)   Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:08 pm

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Miki (One twin of Asfoeti and Leda)
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