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Name: Rei

Age: 23

Instant Messanger(s): Digitalxri0t

Your muse

Name: Mika Nakashima

Nickname(s): N/A

Band: Solo

Gender: Female

Age: 235

Sexuality: Straight

Sexual Position: N/A

Race: Daughter (creation) of the Fates

Character Abilities: She can see the life thread on humans, can see glimpses of past, present and future on some beings.

Side: Neutral

Mika Nakashima Picture70sk
Mika Nakashima Mika_nakashima1

Personality: Mika is often distracted, attention drawn to that of the life threads around her and occasionally drawn into small glimpses of peoples lives that are open to her. She can spend all day people watching and 'day dreaming' so to say. However she can be rather unpleasant when someone pulls her away from her so called dream land and will not hesitate to give the person a verbal what for or more if needed. She prefers her own space, and doing things her way but will also bend if necessary to those around her if it means staying around them longer.

Likes: Day dreaming, sweet treats, coffee, staying awake for as long as possible, sketching, painting and art of all forms.

Dislikes: Sleeping, people that are distracting, too much noisy or attention

Strength: Thick skinned and stubborn

Weakness: Often can't take a hint, not always listening as shes spaced out, and has no real true strength as shes just a normal being with a few special talents.

Character history: Mika was created by the three fates, maiden, mother and crone as a back up part should anything happen to one or more of the other three. She spends her life learning and perfecting their talents, though is nowhere near close to being able to judge the length of ones life thread. Most days are spent creating something or another, bringing life to as close to reality as she can. She's done her best to keep her life intertwined with others, both human and non in order to stay with the times over the past few hundred years. She managed fine in the past but now with the large influx of humans always posing a distraction she finds it hard to concentrate at times and will spend periods locked away in her home. After a large amount of time spent tucked away she's moved to a new place in order to find some new creativity and adventure.

Role play Sample: There was days that Mika could spend all day, and well into the night focused on something that had caught her attention. Today happened to be a water fountain that the sun hit just right and grabbed at her attention, practically begging to be drawn out onto a piece of paper so that maybe more eyes could see its natural beauty.

She sat down out of the way, though making sure that not many could distract her view either now as she pulled out her sketch pad and pencil, fingers moving deftly across the page now as first she sketched out what she wanted before starting in on the details and shading. It took her a few hours of careful detail before she was finished, though the scowl on her face said that she wasn't happy with the finished product. There was something greatly lacking from it.

Back in went the pencil and instead she pulled out some water color paints, hoping that this would bring to life what she was seeing in front of her. She took a few minutes to create another set up, setting each thing out diligently before accepting that it was in the perfect place and starting all over on her piece of the water fountain.

Theyre not up yet, they sleepin
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PostSubject: Re: Mika Nakashima   Mika Nakashima EmptyWed Apr 23, 2014 2:00 am


I mean...accepted~ *mini squee*
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Mika Nakashima
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