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 T e r u A p p l i c a t i o n

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PostSubject: T e r u A p p l i c a t i o n   Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:01 am


Name: Melanie.
Age: The big one seven~!
Instant Messanger(s): AIM: SaskiChuuei36 ; MSN: SaskiChuuei ( I use those the most! >3< But I have others. Just ask. )

Your muse
Name: Teru Suzuki
Nickname(s): Te-chan, Terukichi, Ruru, Teruboo, Asshole
Band: Versailles -philharmonic quintet-
Gender: Male
Age: 68

Sexuality: Doesn't matter, so long as they know what they're doing.
Sexual Position: Switch.

Race: Demon

Character Abilities: Can astral project his soul / spirit ( whatever you'd like to call it ) from his body and appear in a ghostly form. In this form, he can walk through walls, spy on women in the changing rooms, check up on the people who live in the floor above him but sometimes they're not up there yet, they're sleeping... whatever the case.

Side: Monsters.

Fuck Me In The Mouth

Bright and chipper on the outside, it really has no reflection of the inner demons that lurk within the silver haired 'boy.' He comes off as innocent and sweet, however, if he finds you an enjoyable toy to play with he won't leave you alone. He's a prankster at heart and has a vulgar sailor's mouth, and at times he even seems a bit on the insane side. He likes to get into people's head and figure out what makes them 'tick,' and he'll use their weak points against them. His favorite thing to do, though, is interrupt people while they're trying to do something important...or at least of importance to them. He's got a strange habit for giving people nicknames and talking in 'code,' believing that people understand him and what he's rambling about.

Likes: Pranks, sweets, sex, Tetris, Ibuki, picking on Jaebooger~, smoking, getting drunk, his twin sister Airi
Dislikes: Onions, beer and any alcohol that isn't fruity and gay sounding.
Strength: Being stealthy, noticing details, being annoying.
Weakness: Geeks out, short attention span, easily hurts people around him without intending to, bad with relationships
Character history: Teru grew up isolated from all the other kids in the manor. He knew that he was different. He was something... something special. He knew at an early age that he wasn't at all like the other kids. He excelled in classes and eventually got bored, thus resulting in the destructive chain of events that eventually led to his expulsion from public school. But that didn't stop his parents from trying to give him a proper education. They forced the poor boy to sit through lecture after lecture almost every day at home, and before he knew it he was 18 and able to do things on his own.

Though his seemingly harmless pranks didn't stop once he turned 18. The last thing that he remembered of his family was watching their home burn to the ground after what he thought to be a harmless prank. But there was never any evidence that it was him. He had never been caught. So that meant that he could do it again, right?

Of course it did.

Role play Sample:
Quote :

Ahhh, great minds thought alike right? "It would be absolutely amazing-- We've got to plan the wedding~ Who's going to be in the dress? And wait- what am I then?" He questioned suddenly, catching the medical gloves before shoving them onto his hands. Maybe being bi didn't quite count to her as being the gay older brother, but it was the same thing. He wasn't even really sure if Jaejoong was bi or anything-- hell, he never even thought that the man had a sexuality but it turned out that he did.

"I can't get pregnant.. well I don't think.." He muttered, rifling through the drawers some more, tossing the lube out of the nighstand. "Maybe we can sell that off to someone who needs it more... Or give it to the squirrels or something." He commented, glancing at the bottle and shuddered. Jesus, what kind of man was Airi rooming with?

"Maybe he should try using febreeze or just fuck under a stairwell or something instead of stinking up your room. I wonder if I can switch room mates, hmm.." He started thinking out loud, a laugh pulling from his throat at Airi's words. "Gotchya Shadowcat." He agreed, seating himself on the very edge of Kamijo's bed, rustling through the drawer some more.

Damn, it really looked like the Beast was hooked on Rapunzel... Probably the other way around, though.

Fishing out quite a few pieces up folded up notebook paper and a few photos, Teru rifled through the photos first, tossing one of Kamijo and Hizaki seated at a booth with a bunch of ladies. "Well look he really is a whore! Check this out." He laughed, tossing the rest of the photos into the drawer, opening up the folded up papers, making a face at what he skimmed.

"Cute-sy little love notes from Cinderella to the Wicked Step Mother.. Ah it's so fruity." He grumbled mostly to himself, tossing it back into the drawer, shutting it not too quietly before seating himself on the ground beside his sister. "What'd you find? Anything good under there Alice?"

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PostSubject: Re: T e r u A p p l i c a t i o n   Sun Apr 03, 2011 4:38 pm

Clever use of the rules phrase.

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T e r u A p p l i c a t i o n
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