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Name: Sarah

Age: 18

Instant Messanger(s): Sarcastasarah (AIM)

Your muse

Name: Ibuki

Nickname(s): Ibu, bitch [pretty much it]

Band: D=Out

Gender: Male

Age: seventy-three

Sexuality: Dicks only please~

Sexual Position: Seke

Race: Shinigami

Character Abilities:Does being a bitch count as an ability? No? Okay, well, Ibuki knows how to fight, both verbally and physically. He’s mastered the art of slipping through shadows unseen, and he’s considerably stronger than a normal human. He carries a red handled switchblade knife on him at all times. His own modified scythe.

Side: Monsters


Human Form:
Shinigami Form:
I want to have your babbehs~

Personality: All in all Ibuki is a short tempered and cold hearted bitch. He has drastic mood swings and doesn’t take to immature idiots very kindly. He isn't the kindest of beings but even his his mood swings take a turn on the brighter side at times. He can be chipper and warm in the rarest of moments, even providing a helping hand, but more often than not he would rather be a bitch. It’s just much more fun that way.

He likes to perturb others as well, sometimes just seeing how they react to being singled out and stared at is immensely entertaining. He also enjoys a few pranks here and there and seeing others being humiliated or in pain. Yes, he certainly knows how to have fun.

Likes: The color red, red wine, being a bitch, Teru, smoking, playing with his lipring, fighting

Dislikes: Teru, cigars, smart asses, getting fall down drunk, being beaten

Strength: Fighting, bitching at others, staying focused

Weakness: getting in too deep, fighting with loved ones, his fiery temper

Character History:
Little is known about Ibuki. Whether he had a normal birth, or was just collected from the shadows is still unknown. He says the latter is true, and even says it with a grin. Must be true then, right? After attending the necessary schools as a child, he soon took up dancing and cooking, taking quite a few years to be recognized as a master in both. However his interests were and still are fickle thus why he soon went on to learn different languages, and now he knows five others quite fluently.

As the years went by he found he was growing bored with life, especially since he had little or no direction to go in. Until the day he met the demon brat named Teru. That boy is quite the handful, and though Ibuki’s interests remain fickle at times, but he is definitely looking forward to mastering Teru. [or the other way around]

Role play Sample:
It had never occurred to Ibuki that maybe, just maybe, Teru had slipped away while he was still asleep to get breakfast. He was just far too used to waking up alone, and he was at his breaking point, the ring glittering on the tabletop about killing him. What was the point of it if he didn't have an enthused Teru to go along with it? That would have been the best part. At least in his mind.

His crying had turned to quiet sobs, his head still pillowed on his arms as shoulders shook. He was being pathetic. Crying like a child who had lost his balloon to the unforgiving winds. He used to never cry, his eyes always dry even at the saddest of times. When his mother was put in the ground, her oldest son was dry eyed. When his father overdosed, and was laid to rest besides his beloved wife not a year later, he was still tearless. Yet now he was a fucking waterpark! Love did strange things to a person.

When he was shifted in his seat, a warm body pressed against his own, he didn't balk at the chance to wrap his arms around Teru's neck and bury his nose into his neck, breathing deeply as he tried to calk himself down. "Teru.. Teru.." Was all he could manage, his voice thick from crying. Fingers moved to curl into his shirt as he pulled his head back and stared at his lover with red rimmed and puffy eyes. He was a real mess.

"T-Thank you.." He looked at the food on the table and sniffed as quietly as possible, the back of his hand wiping at the wet trails left upon his cheeks. "I-I didn't think you'd be back till t-tonight." He was ashamed of himself, and it seemed that usual fire he held in his eyes had dimmed to a small flicker, his whole face marking the change.

Though he was happy he was no longer alone. Happy to no longer have a reason to cry.

they're not up there yet, they sleepin =__=
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You are approved.

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