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Seee Teru~! <3

Your muse
Name: Hizaki
Nickname(s): Hiza, Hiza-chan, Kitty kitty!
Band: Versailles -philharmonic quintet-
Gender: Male
Age: 115

Sexuality: Gay. <3
Sexual Position: Preferably bottom.

Race: Kitsune (subsection neko. :D)

Character Abilities: Can transform from his cat form into a humanoid form with his cat ears and matching tail. He can warp the dreams of others and create illusions to drive people insane and warp the perspective of different views. After all, how fun would history be if he couldn't mess with it a little bit? [ Source: Wikipedia. ;D ]

Side: Neutral. Why mess up a perfectly good manicure?


Allow Me To Touch The Sky

As a cat:
I'm Cuter Than You!

Hizaki, though quiet and refined to the point of royalty, can be a brat sometimes. He's really only got his moments, but when he has those moments he'll get to the point where he asks someone to feed him. And if they deny his request? Well he'll pout and act like a child who wants a toy from the store. It's simple as that. He likes being talked to and played with, and although cats aren't quite that social he certainly isn't like the others. His favorite thing to do is laze around and be pampered, though, and usually he'll go wandering from the home that his deceased owners left him in favor of roaming the streets.

Likes: Shiny things, being pet, sweets, being pampered, attention ( though not when he's in the spotlight ), flowers, sweets, the company of others
Dislikes: Dogs, loud noises, feeling bad, ugly, or tainted, stains on his fur or on his dress, being left alone
Strength: Able to sleep anywhere at any given time. Is actually pretty damn good at cooking.
Weakness: Easily scared, gets distracted quickly, quiet.

Character history:

Haven't you heard of those crazy cat people who leave all of their belongings to their cats once they pass on? Well Hizaki's owners were those crazy cat people. They had gotten the creature when he was just a baby, so he never had to worry about working and was pampered and played with every day of his life. He watched children grow up, he watched the families that they brought home. He watched as his owners eventually passed away. And when they did, they left the little creature everything that they owned. They didn't know, however, that he could take on a human form. But he didn't either. It wasn't until shortly after they had passed on that he discovered that he could actually transform into a humanoid figure, but it took a while to control and figure out.

By now he's gotten pretty good at it, but he has his slip ups where he'll transform back into a human while he's sleeping. He survives off of the great wealth that they left him and lives alone in the house that had been given to him in their will. He wants to find someone who'll be willing to live in there with him. His home is just too damn big to stay there by himself.

Role play Sample:

Quote :
The blonde had made it to the library before the rain had started. By now he knew the patterns of the sky: The day before it had been bright and sunny and the clouds were big and puffy in the sky... and today it was gray outside and rain poured down from the heavens, filling the streets with water and trapping some inside for the day.

But thankfully, Hizaki was safe at the library before any of it even started. He practically lived there -- the people at the library practically knew him by name, or if they didn't then they knew him as 'the girl who likes to come in and read poetry.' Never before had he even really thought of doing anything else.

Nimble fingers turned the pages of the book that he had picked up today, eyes moving across the familiar pages when he heard a not-so-familiar set of footsteps come closer to him. What was this? Someone was approaching him?! Since when did this happen!?

Senses and thoughts were thrown into a frenzy once the elder took a seat right across from him. He couldn't help but notice that the man was attractive, to say the least, and Hizaki's gaze kept switching between the man before him and the book that he held on the table, smiling sheepishly at him one he took a seat across from himself. Oh, what was he to do!?

Already, though, something was off about the other. He immediately knew that he was technically his half brother, yes, but there was something missing... something different... His aura! Ah, yes, his aura was something that he hadn't seen before. Perhaps it was because it was the aura of a fellow Minami... but what set Hizaki off the most was that he couldn't tell what was emanating from the elder's body. This was weird. Was he broken or something?

"I... er- hello there." He started off, blinking confusedly after an awkward silence of staring at him with his puzzled look, his eyes quickly finding the books that he had carried along with him. "You read Poe?" He questioned softly, looking down at the book that he held in his hands. Odd. He had Poe too.

Obviously this was just some sort of coincidence. Or maybe Hizaki was becoming 'more normal.' Either way would float his boat.

Oh and.

They're not up there yet. O: They be sleepin'~
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