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 Minho Application

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PostSubject: Minho Application   Minho Application EmptyThu Mar 27, 2014 3:16 am


Name: China
Age: 21
Instant Messanger(s): five_shining_stars (Skype)

Your muse

Name: Minho (Gabriel)
Nickname(s): Min, Gabe
Band: SHINee
Gender: Genderfluid, Male Appearance

Age: N/A (no longer remembers)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Sexual Position: Unknown

Race: Archangel. Known as Gabriel, the Artist and Messanger.
Character Abilities:

  • May speak directly with those in rank above him (i.e. Seraphim, Thrones, etc).
  • May change the pitch of his 'voice' as so to not harm anyone with it.
  • As an Archangel, he possess three pairs of wings. These he may hide or show at will, tattoos on his back keeping them hidden whilst in a human form.
  • Tends to attract a lot of animals.

Side: Arch Angels

Appearance: Now, Try To Rely On Me.

Personality: Very quiet, kind, and soft-spoken. Despite his height and size (6' approximately), he is extremely gentle and loving. He has a soft spot for broken creatures, and while go through a lot to make sure that they are okay, safe, and well taken care of. He does not, however, disregard his duties to his Father. He is very attentive to what he is told to do, and keeps a careful eye on everything to be sure it stays in order as it should.

Likes: Sincerity, Beauty, Nature, Abandoned Places, Quiet, Books, and Music.
Dislikes: Lies, Loud Things, Purposeful Negativity, and Unnecessary Fighting.
Strength: Healing Abilities, Kindness, Forgiving Nature.
Weakness: Dually, his forgiving nature is also a bit of a weakness. Sometimes easily persuaded with sweets and literature, as well as art pieces.

Character history: Not exactly cast down or exiled, or even told to go down to Earth, Gabriel sent himself down to watch over the lighter part of the City, and occasionally the darker half. He has stayed for a very long time, occasionally changing his appearance slightly as the years pass. But he stays attentive all the same, correcting mass chaos when he can, and calling on his Brothers for help when he cannot. Honestly, he only Descended because he had gotten rather…tired of waiting to perform his only remaining duty. He was patient, but not that patient.

Role play Sample: Please see Jinki, Taemin, or Sanghyun.

They're not up there yet, they're sleeping!
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PostSubject: Re: Minho Application   Minho Application EmptyThu Mar 27, 2014 3:22 am

Can't wait to see him in play~
Approved. <3
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Minho Application
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