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PostSubject: Gackt Application   Gackt Application EmptyMon Mar 28, 2011 3:15 am


Name: Hikaru

Age: 25

Instant Messanger(s): (AIM & Skype ask for it!)

Your muse

Name: Camui Gakuto

Nickname(s): Gackt

Band: Malice Mizer, Solo, S.K.I.N. Project and Gackt x Sugizo Project

Gender: Male

Age: Appears to be in his late twenties, but is 437

Occupation: Server/Host at Mao's Restaurant "Adytum"

Sexuality: Bisexual

Sexual Position: Seme (not counting around Mao)

Race: Vampire

Character Abilities:
Able to charm and allure with a hypnotizing gaze, seduction is included with this. Speed in movement - running, able to jump or land long distances, he CAN eat food or drink, just chooses blood over food most of the time, a minute amount of telepathy, but only with other vampires and his soon-to-be childe (Hyde), quick healing and heightened senses (hearing, smell, taste, touch, sight), night vision.

Side: Monsters

Gackt Application Gackt

Gackt Application GACKT+013_01

Gackt Application GACKT+Camui1002330

Thick dark hair crowns his head and feathers in the front slightly covering brilliant sapphire blue eyes that were accentuated brightly from his given hues at birth. His form is lithe and only slightly built and his skin possibly even more pale than a normal vampire, which stemmed from already being quite light-skinned from his living days. His lips are almost always in a soft curled smile with kind eyes, though if angered or threatened, they could become dangerously piercing, as if peering into one's very soul and threatening to tear it apart. Gakuto wears quite a bit of silver, even if the myths stated that it would burn a vampire's skin---quite untrue. The metal pleases him and when worn on his fingers, he will adorn himself around his neck, wrists and a couple of loops in his earlobes.

When he was alive, Gakuto was in bed a good deal of the time, and coming to be any bit social was rather awkward for him. Thus, now he is 'alive' and well, even if it took him a few centuries, he has finally learned to speak up more often. He was rather quiet and even still he is quite reserved, well-matched with his childe of choice. Now although, when it is a matter of fetching his sustanaince, he will work the other with eloquent words, wooing them with a form of speaking in prose and touch. He appears to be very gentle, an oxymoron as a vampire, but this is a facade (unless it is around Mao or his childe, then he is just that, gentle). Once beginning to feast, he becomes passionate and near animalistic, the scent and taste of blood simply placing him into a frenzy no matter how hungry or not that he is.

Around those he cares for, Gakuto is considerate and warm, and would do anything their hearts desire to keep them pleased. For Mao, he is subserviant and obeys his every whim for that is the man who gave him a second chance at life, one that he had barely lived because of his disease. For his childe, he is loving and possessive, giving him what he wants and needs---be it whimsical or necessary. Otherwise he stays at arm's length and keeps to himself unless they are his next meal.

Roses, fine clothing and the way he presents himself, . . .himself, his Sire and Childe, the taste of different types of blood---it is like an ambrosia of a different flavor depending on the type (A, B, AB, O, Diabetic, Anemic, many conditions of the body have a different flavor), the feel of skin on skin contact, soft breaths whispered in gentility, eye contact, wine (and only wine), the thrill of the hunt, classical music, his time to himself (when he needs it).

Disruptions, loud noises or music, crass and rude people (he would rather feast on them than listen to them), weak wills.

His strengths are only his Vampiric abilities, though his compassion and adoration for his Sire and Childe are very strong to the point he would protect them to any means necessary.

Again, his Sire and Childe are, though this may sound odd, but in a certain circumstance if they are endangered or harmed in any way, his focus goes to them instead of his surroundings---which makes this a weakness. Of course there is also the case of Faith if it is strong in an individual, their symbol of that Faith would have power within it and burn him. Wood does poison him and kill him if penetrating his chest, sunlight (in large doses), and decapitaion and fire.

Character history:
He was not born in what is known as the place between heaven and hell. That much is certain as he had not come upon the place until he was an adult. Though when he was young, from birth to his time of departing, he was in bed most of the time due to severe anemia in which at the time (in the late 1500's) it was a serious disease that was fretted over and watched over heavily. He could not go outside with the other children and was stuck inside day dreaming and studying his books. As he grew and finally accepted that he was not a normal child, he learned to take his learning seriously, constantly buried in a book. His parents had an apothecary visit him daily and give him blood transfusions to cycle his blood and give him some form of strength to at least survive.

Upon his teen years he was becoming restless once again, yearning to leave the home and give his parents the freedom they deserved having to deal with their child day in and day out. He felt like such a burden to them though they swore that he wasn't. A sad time came upon him when he turned nineteen, his mother passing away from---as luck would have it---exhaustion. It was now that his father began cursing him for being born so weak that he caused his mother's death. Only a few more years passed and at the age of twenty-two his father also passed, driven mad by a broken heart and a crazed behavior.

Now was the time for him to take his leave with the inheritance they saved for him upon their death, not realizing how soon it would be. It was then that he left and came upon the city that his soon-to-be sire resided. As he stepped into the south end of the city eyes were on him, predatory eyes that he could neither see nor feel. They were those of Yamaguchi Masao. As he would soon find out, his blood, having been diluted, trasferred and changed over though adapted to his disease had a sweet and rich flavor that Mao could smell halfway across the city.

Settling into a small home in the south end still, he had felt at times like he was being followed upon his visits to the market and back which would exhaust him to the point he would have to rest for a couple of days in bed. There came a time that he could not leave his bed and he laid in it in wait for the Angel of Death to find him. It was an angel of another kind of death that found him---Mao, as he stared out the window with dark circles under his eyes and sunken in features. As the vampire alit his window, it was revealed that he had his eyes on the young man from the time he had entered the city to his time of dying. He was simply waiting for the perfect moment. Mao had things in mind; how creating Gakuto as his childe would be beneficial to him, finding the thin veil of Death amusing upon the mortal's features.

He did take him that night as his childe, leaving the small home behind and giving Gakuto his new 'life' as a vampire, able to do things he had only dreamed about while he was young. Now in this city, he has found his own prospective childe and will take him into his arms as Mao had done for him.

Role play Sample:
"You realize your skin reminds me of cream skimming across rose petals." he whispered upon the young blonde woman's cheek as he held her other cheek with a tentative caress. Her lids became heavy with the sound of his voice that whispered such a sweetness that it was rich with promise and desire--so much that she was becoming weak in the knees, not realizing the danger she was putting herself in. Her breathing became erratic as Gakuto's leg slipped between hers and lifting her skirt with it while his lips slipped down her elongated neck. "If I taste of this cream, will it sour or become rich and heedy with flavor only for me?" he whispered with a smile and as she could not speak, he knew she was enthralled with him. . .easily taken now that she was in such a trance of her own lust that she had not realized---until the piercing of the sharpest canines that ever graced her flesh---with a soft ripping sound had come, the rush of that sweet fluid ebbing into his mouth.

The tip of his tongue pushed at the wound he had created while she began panting with the surges of pleasure coursing through her body until she found through her light struggle towards the end that she would be perishing by Beauty's hand, her soul lost within the folds of time and her husk left behind. Licking slowly over his lips and with the swipe of his index finger taking up the deep crimson color that contrasted his snow white flesh, left at his lower lip, he lowered her to the floor and stood fully with the bow of his head. "Thank you, mi'lady for the feast. I apologize but I must take your leave." and with a soft smile still on full now pink lips from his meal, disappeared into the night air never to be seen in that same spot again.

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Being Mao's childe you can't actually be neutral, but other than that we are good ^^


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Damn you excitement.

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